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  1. hey guys, i've got some sad news. MRI results indicate i've thrashed a large portion of the labral ring in my shoulder. the doc says long drive and swinging fast are out of the question for me unless i want to risk a full-blown shoulder replacement at an early age. and it's debatable whether i will be able to withstand the rigors of training for competitive golf at a high-level after surgery. could any of you guys recommend the top shoulder guys? e.g. in the state? that you know of? i'm not really expecting better news, but i'd at least like to know that i explored all my options before giving up on my dreams. thanks, i appreciate you guys
  2. Just met with the doc. Shoulder is fücked. Apparently, I will not be able to swing fast again unless I want to risk very early shoulder replacement surgery, even after repairing it. The damage is just too extensive. Getting a 2nd opinion but I don’t expect to hear anything different. Wish things were different but sometimes that’s just how the cookie crumbles. It was nice interacting with you all, I really appreciate you guys. I don’t think I’ll be back here for a while, if at all. Gonna have to find a new thing.
  3. that’s what I thought at first, but I checked the official scoring and it says he only hit 5. check it out: Source: https://wldc.infotreegolf.com/public/leaderboard/tournament/282/division/540?blockSelect=4358
  4. I’d really like to know this, too. Injury? Brain fart? Super weird.
  5. I’m basically traveling and in a temporary spot. Also thought they were a lot more expensive than that!!! thanks, I really appreciate the time you took to share your experiences. Some great advice in here!
  6. if you ask nicely, someone just might share the results that are available somewhere...
  7. thanks, really appreciate your comments. I’ll be looking into lazy boy rentals as soon as I know what’s up with surgery. I can’t rehab torn calf and labrum surgery at the same time, so I’ll ask the doc what I should do first. separately, did you try PRP or HGH therapy during recovery? Or know anyone who’s done this? I’m not a spring chicken anymore and am willing to consider anything that improves recovery success and time.
  8. if Bryson gets that big, he’s going to be able to cut through the deepest rough like a hot knife through butter!
  9. after 5 months of shoulder PT without a full recovery i decided to get an MRI. results just came in this morning and the tl;dr version is: "Extensive labral tearing with intrasubstance tearing", specifically, "complex tearing of the posterosuperior and posterior labrum", and a bunch of other stuff. meeting with the doc next week to discuss next steps. really trying to stay positive because i also just tore my calf this past saturday and start PT for that a week from today. good grief, charlie brown! anyway, if i do have to get labrum surgery i'd be keen for people's feedback on recovery tips. this really sucks but my goal is to come back better than ever, if possible. really just trying to focus on the positive and do what i can for the best possible outcome. thanks, guys
  10. have to agree. it really takes a lot of the excitement out of it when you don't know who's in the lead during each set.
  11. And the LD grids are about 60y wide which corresponds with Scott fawcett’s DECADE system (whom BDC has worked with). I think BDC will need to be better than 60%-70% in a 60y wide cone on tour, but I think your point is still valid. His speed and accuracy is a huge advantage on the PGA.
  12. with a 48" driver you're probably going to crack 195mph ball speed. and with a little training you could probably exceed 200mph. earlier this morning, the commentators said that 200+mph is good enough to compete with those guys. you might already be there and you don't even know it.
  13. yep, and better spin control than the average LD guy. a lot of the higher ball flight + high spin guys are going to get knocked down quite a bit.
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