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  1. i'm legit dealing with this problem right now. have had to grip down on driver to stiffen it up. a fitting is very likely in the near future for me. good problem to have, i guess?
  2. appreciate the kind words, thank you! i seem to have the bomb part down but need to work on the gouge. haven't practiced chipping and lag putting since late last fall.
  3. a friend told me he had to book his times at midnight last year.
  4. yup! CGA membership + GHIN. 7 days is correct. you've gotta act fast though. i called on monday (mid-morning) and the earliest tee times available for saturday and sunday were at 3pm. they go fast. yikes!
  5. thanks for the reminder. it was 30º out today and the driving range at family sports center was packed. i can only imagine how quickly tee times are gonna get snapped up for this upcoming weekend.
  6. love to see the progress! i've been sick this week (covid test came back negative, thank goodness) so no training for me. it's been fun watching the progress of you and others -- very motivating to get back in the saddle. thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!!
  7. looks like aurora got about a foot of snow since yesterday evening! hope it melts quickly.
  8. nice!! in what kind of condition was the course?
  9. hey gang, so i just joined commonground men's club. can't wait to compete and meet some of you guys out there! who else in this thread is a member?
  10. amen, brother! anything is possible. if anyone is capable of those hogan vibes it's tiger.
  11. 116mph is solid though! and 121 is fantastic! keep up the great work!!
  12. maybe. this guy makes a lot of posts. hard to take anything he posts here seriously.
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