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  1. i have a vice but this is a super interesting idea. what do you use to secure the club? e.g. does this work with the little rubber insert i shared above? thanks!
  2. thanks. re-fillable co2 canister is a creative idea, and so is an old grip for a protective sleeve. i got this little guy for $2-$3. works like a charm.
  3. thank you! shameless plug here: i'm looking for a top-notch physio in the denver, CO area. this thread piqued my interest because i saw an instgram post from bryson dechambeau about visiting his MAT guy in the greater denver area. then i saw this topic pop up here. as you all know, MAT was started by a guy who worked with the denver broncos and still operates in the area. i'm new to denver and apparently all of my friends and family here are in perfect shape and have no need for a physio. i only wish i were that lucky! if anyone has recommendati
  4. careful now. i've heard stories about people who wouldn't take too kindly to this happening to them edit: just saw you don't play for anything anymore. looks like you got out while you were still ahead. smort.
  5. so i finished reading (i.e. not skimming) the article and this paragraph really jumped out at me: the only thing missing from this snippet seems to be equipment optimization, which the author mentioned earlier. in terms of recommendations for overspeed training, the author suggests lower volume work -- i.e. "5–10:1 rest-to-work periods" 2 times a week. seriously though, this is all still very much in the hypothesis/theory phase. some interesting reading but nothing super definitive.
  6. looks like it's gonna be gorgeous next weekend. forecast for this upcoming monday just keeps getting colder and colder though!
  7. i'm sure other people have their reasons, but for me it's easy: i'm searching for the perfect grip. standard doesn't work for me. neither does mid-size, jumbo, jumbo mcc +4, and so on. i've built up to 12 layers under jumbos which is the best so far, but it changes the characteristics of the whole club. now i'm trying all the JMX ultralites to see if i can get the right size without all of the weight. really looking forward to being done with this...
  8. full disclosure -- i skimmed the article whilst on a conference call and don't remember all of the details. will have to go back to it over the weekend... that being said, i recall the article mentioning that increasing strength also increases speed. e.g. the fastest baseball players measured were also the strongest. so it sounds to me like strength training gives you a two-for and could be more sustainable long-term as long as it's done safely and smartly. i agree with your sentiment about their comments on superspeed; it seems like a hit-or-miss endeavor for most people based
  9. separate topic -- can anyone recommend a top-notch physio (not PT) in denver? i need to establish with someone to monitor and maintain some very minor back issues. have asked local friends and family for recommendations but apparently i'm the only one who needs a physio. no surprise here, but to cover all my bases i would prefer someone who's worked with elite athletes, particularly golfers. thank you!!
  10. thanks! i'm not sure if tin cup is nationally distributed; just asked the bottle shop guy to recommend a reasonably priced whiskey and that's what he recommended. miiiiight be able to get out there saturday but still have so many things to do to get properly settled.
  11. hahaha as a golfer i try to draw the line at hurting my ego. that's about the extent of my masochism. thanks for your response though, really good to know. cheaper version sounds like a good fit. related note: i got a TENS device from amazon about 6 years ago for $20. works wonderfully and practically never needs replacement batteries. the flashy $200 models were tempting but really unnecessary in the long run, kind of like those electric toothbrushes with 8 different settings when you only use 1 or 2 at most.
  12. hard plastic shrapnel. i've been told the grip can explode with such force that the hard PVC pipe people use to "protect" themselves basically becomes a pipe bomb 2' from your crotch. i haven't tried to bust this myth but it makes sense to me so i don't want to mess around with it. apparently something like this is supposed to be much better:
  13. super interesting paper, thank you for sharing! here's an interesting bit: so getting stronger and doing low-volume superspeed protocol seems like the main takeaways.
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