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  1. @TheKrushh, finally settled on the build today. i decided to push back on the initial build suggestion of hazrdus smoke rdx tx 70g @ 8.0/46.5" and opted for 7.5/45" instead. since my body won't let me go full bore more than 1x-2x/wk i've accepted that accuracy and precision will give me more enjoyment than speed and distance at this point. thanks for questioning the wisdom of 46.5", i really appreciate your feedback. next i'm going to get my 2i re-shafted and swap out my 2h. 2h has been a great club off the tee but on tight holes i've been defaulting to 4i. my lateral dispersion is
  2. this is the answer IMO. Even the same course may vary week-to-week.
  3. Enjoy the process and good luck. Easier to help when you’re playing 1x/2x month as opposed to 1x/2x year.
  4. Brother, you’ve gotta play more.
  5. slow and steady wins the race hope you get back to 100% ASAP, but fight the temptation to do too much too soon
  6. played in my first men's league event at CG this past weekend. came in with very low expectations because of little practice/play post-injury. good group of guys and weather was not too punishing. kept my ball in play the entire round (i.e. didn't lose a single one) but ball-striking was sus and i lipped out a least 6 putts from 8'+. ended up posting an 85. i'm trying to stay positive. i know it's foolish to expect to pick up where i left off after basically 4 months of no playing and very limited practice, but i'd be lying if i didn't admit i was a least a little bummed.
  7. i'm seeing chris schultz for the first time next week. spoke with him on the phone, seems like a really good guy. comes highly recommended from a bunch of people at d'lance. been around forever. has access to tech like trackman. have also heard good things about the following, though i don't have experience working with them: trent wearner (expensive and may shunt you off to one of his other instructors, is what i've been told). peter norwood mike weingartner eli haskell this looks like a lot of fun and is not too far away from where i'm at dow
  8. This could be terrible advice to follow blindly, but I recall some old Mike Austin videos where he mentions there’s a correlation between position of sternum and low point. e.g. Get your sternum more forward at impact and your low point is sure to follow. Very difficult to add loft when you do that. But how you do it is important, and I’m not qualified to comment on that edit: anecdotal, but my low point is about 4” ahead and I have no problem de-lofting. also a straight ball hitter. YMMV
  9. i just want to bump this real quick and thank @pinhigh27 again for sharing. i've watched almost all of their podcasts on youtube and they are thoroughly enjoyable. i'm the type of person who rarely likes reading/watching/listening to things twice, yet i keep coming back to a lot of these episodes for a 2nd/3rd+ time. there's a tremendous amount of wisdom, the guests are quality, and hal and chase just seem like really good dudes and hosts. easily my favorite podcast of all time. i just really feel like it's a must listen for anybody who loves the game of golf and wants
  10. firstly, you’re hilarious— I’m dying right now yeah, spin was high ‘cause it wasn’t tipped. The goal is 2,300-2,500. We used only tp5x. I suggested tipping my current shaft without adding length back and the club fitter strongly suggested staying at 46.5. Speed is a huge advantage for me and staying at 46.5” should put me well into the 120’s mph ball speed when my body gets better. Current dispersion isn’t terrible and stiffer shaft should tighten it up even more. so should taking some lessons to help get ball striking back, which I start next week.
  11. 100% agree. It would be like if Ford started arbitrarily naming its F-series trucks 100, 250, 350, irrespective of what’s under the hood. Titleist pisses me off with this.
  12. Is this what you’re looking for? There are explanations there. I didn’t see videos but I didn’t look very hard
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