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  1. One7engineering on Instagram turned a collar onto their bbf ferrules, could be an option
  2. Ok, outside the box thinking as to who TM are replacing Rahm with. Englishman. Wears Nike. No club deal. The only answer that makes sense, Rick Shiels
  3. Further to XXIO being expensive game improvement clubs, originally they were the premium line (think Lexus to Toyota) now they are aimed at the wealthy older business man, flash clubs for declining capabilities, hence you see the guys on the regular tours with the Srixon/Cleveland branding and you've got Ernie heading into/now on the champions tour rocking the XXIO bag full of 7 series irons and utilities, he does have the woods though.
  4. Happy to help, enjoy the shaft they're awesome.
  5. With a Titleist driver adapter installed so approx 20.25" from tip of shaft to bottom of the black band with M4+ in it.
  6. Love the point he realises what's happened and just stops moving ?
  7. They're out next month in Europe so don't see why it would be so much later for the US
  8. Srixon Z785 is pretty deep faced, and should be pretty reasonably priced since the new ones have been announced. Thinking of picking one up to try against my TS3
  9. Yes, I have them on some wedges two full wraps and built up the bottom hand (2 or 3 further wraps it was a while ago I did it)to feel like the TS1s I have on my irons. Really pleased with the outcome and the grips aren't showing any wear really even with a hell of a lot of back garden pitching practice during lockdown. As a previous longtime crossline cord user thinking about doing this for all of them at the next regroup.
  10. Yes, really impressed with them to be honest, first one is still nice and soft and still fits well after 8/9 rounds and 3/4 range sessions/lessons. Had been using Mizuno Comp/Srixon all-weather for range gloves and Mizuno Elites for playing. For the cost (£15) of a pack puts them up against the cost of the cheaper synthetic gloves but gives you a nice leather glove.
  11. Furyk congratulates Staffs teenager for winning 'Furyk Award'Sorry, I couldn't make this thread about Bryson no matter how much I tried.
  12. The previous sand wedges have been 57 or 58 with the "A" wedge at 51. I don't get why you would want them to rebrand away the reason they bought Cleveland in the first place.
  13. Different viewpoints, a slot says to me a hole passing through something solid not a 360° groove at a seam, I don't think it's a slot in the muscle as it's how the face is made and attached to the body. It has more in common with an HMB or 790 than a 919 forged or Tour Preferred CB.
  14. Not really all the 5*5s are a SUP10 face welded to a forged body, it has made me chuckle with all the moaning about them having a badge stuck in the cavity cause they always have had.
  15. They already do, I've been looking for the 785 approach wedge here in the UK and the only place i can find them is the US. Continued evolution of the lines, it doesn't help that the only picture in focus is of the ZX5, the other two look like they were taken with a potato
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