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  1. This video helped me get from 7 to 8 in a repeatable manner. https://golfsmartacademy.com/golf-instruction/loading-glute-centered-pivot/ The feel is the same as trying to slightly pick your left foot off the ground. Remember, reverse every natural instinct........lol.
  2. Yep, I've been playing 5 times a week for two years now. After one year I was about a 19 handicap, after two years.......... I'm about a 19 handicap. Whenever I go see a pro, they talk to me about the ways I need release the club w/ wrists and forearms, etc. after P6........ and I'm like that feels nearly impossible to do consistently, trying to manipulate the wrist and forearms midswing, etc.????....... on a pitch shot sure, but full speed???? Well slow down your swing to give yourself a shot.......... okay but that feels unnatural, unathletic and out of rhythm........ But I w
  3. Getting started on this video series and getting good vibes already. I made a nice leap after the first no turn cast video and feel another one coming after getting more detail from this one. The positions feel great and easy to repeat!
  4. I'm ambidextrous or rather the opposite of ambidexterous. I'll alternate on which hand I use depending on the task, but don't use either hand particularly well, lol. I've been working on this and found that starting the downswing with a combination of left wrist flexion and right shoulder external rotation is a good thought for me. Found that if I have a good backswing just have to think left wrist/right shoulder and the flexion & external rotation happen automatically when trying to use the two in combination. Hardest parts for me have really been getting a) getting a consistently good b
  5. Whoa, for anyone who has had their PlaneMate for awhile and stalled out progress wise, I highly recommend throwing the red band on there! Getting some really nice feelings with it. Felt like the green band kind of nudged me in the general right direction, whereas the red one forces me into the right positions. Won't budge if you try to cheat it! I'm on the younger/larger side, fyi.
  6. Anyone got a good protocol for using their 3 wood with the PlaneMate?
  7. Seems to be the secret sauce for me as well! Funny, I've tried external right shoulder rotation before (Monte's Efficient Swing has it as a transition feel) but effect seems to be amplified with the Planemate's steeper backswing.
  8. Just received notice that it shipped yesterday, to my new address. So result of delay is one less box to move. Excellently managed shipping process, glad Martin was duffing around on the golf course!
  9. Finalized new place today and emailed Tourstriker to update address. They promptly responded that they have the logistical capabilities to handle the various operational threads necessary to address the mechanics of such a request. So I'm all good with them now.
  10. Silly Ham and Egger, so spoiled from dealing with Amazon! Haven't you been reading the thread? Updating the shipping label is beyond the capabilities of a small business, what if it has already been printed and is now amongst thousands of other shipping labels? A logistical nightmare I tell you!
  11. I probably won't even use the thing for another few weeks. What's annoying me is that I'm moving, and due to Tourstriker's lackadaisical approach and logistical ineptitude its seems possible that the damn bands and belt I paid $162 for months ago will get tossed in the trash whenever they are finally delivered.
  12. His offer for us to help label was a joke, but I don't think it was joke that they were labeling the boxes.
  13. Yes, Martin Chuck posted exactly that on his Instagram account last Wednesday.
  14. They set an estimated ship date that they haven't met yet, estimated gives them some wiggle room but underpromise, overdeliver still applies. If it was out of their hands that would be one thing, but the boxes have literally been sitting in the office awaiting shipping labels. If I estimate I will get something, even minor, to a boss or customer on Wednesday and I can't for some reason, I do everything I can to deliver asap, working through the weekend if needed. Clearly, here there is zero urgency and the boxes were just sitting ideally over the weekend. Anyway, just saw that Martin is Ca
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