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  1. Situation 3 (above) is exactly how he played it. Played his fourth after hitting it in the same hazard, since he was certain it was in the penalty area and didn't hit it outside the penalty area. And out of the options available, it seemed like the most reasonable one
  2. Awesome thanks! So looks like they played it right. I was looking through what I thought was this section in the rules and must have missed this.
  3. So here's a situation I saw someone in in a casual round which just made me wonder what the ruling should technically be: Player hits a shot into a penalty area. The shot is found and the player tries to hit out of the penalty area. The ball never crosses the penalty area boundary and is lost after trying to hit out. The player pulled out of the penalty area on line with where their tee shot crosses, took a stroke, and hit their fourth shot. The question is after hitting a shot in a penalty area and losing it without crossing a penalty area, can you then pull out of the penalty area and take relief based on where your tee shot crossed? Or, since you tried the shot in the penalty area do you have to take the penalty and drop from where you hit in the penalty area since your tee shot was two shots before and not the last shot? Or, is there some other way this should properly be played according to the rules of golf?
  4. I also decided to pick up a shoe stretcher to try to salvage the adidas I got. These things look like some sort of medieval torture device (or sex toy if you’re into that sort of thing) but are supposed to be able to make shoes wider and longer by up to half a size. I think they are meant to work mainly on leather so who knows how it’ll work. I’ll report back with what I find after I try it this weekend.
  5. Ah right, I guess I meant D. Although I did measure a C just yesterday when I tried the brannock device again. Which is funny because the adidas have definitely feel too narrow and are medium (D not A )
  6. I haven't, mainly because the brannock device has indicated I dont't have a wide foot. But you made me think I should definitely try a wide shoe.
  7. I agree and I probably will do this, if nothing else than to just learn more about shoe fitment. But I am worried the difference between running shoes and golf shoes will be different enough that it might not help much. Side to side stability doesn't seem like something that's as important in running shoes. People who have tried playing basketball in running shoes might know what I'm talking about there.
  8. Any time I measure my foot on a brannock device, it shows I'm 12.5 (between 12 and 12.5 really but any 12 sized shoes I wear are typically too tight) with a medium (A) width foot and normal arch. THicker socks might help with blisters but probably not with any foot pain, right?
  9. I've struggled to find golf shoes that fit my feet properly ever since I took up the game. Ideally you are able to go to a store, try shoes on until one feels perfect and you go with that. There's two issues there with me: I have a fairly uncommon shoe size 12.5. Uncommon enough that you rarely find it in stores and when you do it's in a style that doesn't feel good or I flat out don't like (or some brands just don't do half sizes past 12) You don't really know how the shoe feels until you swing a golf club in it and walk at least 9 holes in it. I bought a pair of 12.5 size adidas online (after looking all over the internet for a shoe I liked in that size). I get them, try them on at home, they feel fine so I decide to try them at the course. About 6 holes in I start getting heel blisters and the outsides of my feet hurt after making 20 or so golf swings. And now I can't return them because I've used them outside. I kinda realize this now, I don't think I have ever had a proper fitting golf shoe. The only way I find I can avoid blisters and the shoe hurting my feet is to go a size up, but then I have close to an inch of space in front of my big toe and my foot slides around inside the shoe while I swing a golf club (not trying to blame any of my game on poor fitting shoes, just would like something that's comfortable to swing a club in and comfortable to walk in). I've checked my foot size and width on a brannock device and compared that to how brands say their shoes fit and even third party websites. This shoe finding process is getting to be a bit much and I'm curious if anyone out there has a way they find shoes that works well for them?
  10. Kind of bummed they don't have shot area and dispersion provided in the data this time around. Tony answered a few questions in the comments about why they didn't which makes sense so I don't knock them too hard for it. Just feels like this test answered "Which ball goes furthest?" instead of "Which ball is best?" Guess I'll just continue to blame the Indian and not the arrow
  11. Going into this next season in KC, I find myself more confused on where to play golf. Private clubs have gotten more expensive and initiation fees are getting pretty crazy. Great life, even with all it's downfalls, is no longer as cost friendly of an option as it was and doesn't allow to play more than your home course without paying extra fees. Public courses are still decent but are already crowded and you need to make a tee time a week in advance in order to secure a decent spot. Maybe its because I find myself on the edge of making a enough financially to feel okay throwing money at one of the $500+ monthly courses. I wanted to start this thread to see if the are any fellow Kansas Citians who have a found a public or private course they enjoy, can get consistent tee times at, and feel like are getting their money's worth at. Please discuss below if any of you are out there, looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  12. Haven't heard anyone say they got match day tickets here, on other golf forums, or twitter. I'm calling shenanigans...
  13. "Match day tickets sold out...weekly packages available.." I'm assuming this means if you buy the full weekly package you get in on the match days?
  14. Yep, stuck on square 2 myself. Joined the line on my phone too after 11AM EDT and he's like half a square behind my other guy
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