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  1. The spider, I liked the first white one they came out with the most but can’t find one in decent shape used
  2. I used to be a degenerate putter guy but purged a ton of them after my second kid was born. Just 2 now and none like this. I like the odyssey 9 also, just having a hard time finding the right one without an insert if possible
  3. Randomly popped up on Instagram, they have some nice stuff. This could get expensive
  4. It’s getting a bit crowded for sure. If you think about it they have to make an anser head to pass the smell test, it seems like if you can make a sick looking anser, it’s almost like a benchmark or right of passage. I like these guys at carbon, like you said they are doing more than just putting out anser look a like and getting something new to look at online dice rollers
  5. Iomic absolute but want to try the Garson options just not sure what to pull the trigger on quite yet
  6. Putter lounge can do it. Just be careful if you mill it flat you will loose some weight and also remove the finish, just depends on what kind of putter you are doing and if you will need a full refinish at the same time to even everything out once you get the face milled
  7. Dang dude, some would say you have a problem, I’m not one of those people but wow, that’s a collection right there is serious putter degenerate action. Mad respect
  8. right? and if it does not work out just keep buying putters. The wife loves that strategy
  9. Don’t feel like my stroke fits a toe hang like this but damn they just look right when I set up. Find myself opening the stance a bit and seeing the line better. Am I just being nostalgic wanting to go old school after seeing so much Arnold Palmer footage last week? online dice rollers
  10. Use the rule of 34. If your waist size is over 34 or you are over 34 years old pass on the blanco’s
  11. Carbon Masterson No idea on specs, showed up on my Instagram feed and fell in love. online dice rollers
  12. Truth, get mine there and they use true temper and do a heat treated polymer, lots of different black options and always good quality. DYI project on this seems a bit risky to get it super smooth but more power to you if you can pull it off.
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