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  1. Thanks everyone. I think we'll be playing Dunes. A friend is meeting us there. I haven't played there for years but it was a really good course at that time.
  2. Planning a trip to Kiawah, first weekend in March. Four days, 2 guys, maybe a 3rd. We bought a villa last summer and this will be the inaugural guys trip. We have rounds booked at Edisto, Stono Ferry and finishing up with the Ocean Course as a finale. I’d like to set up a warmup round for the first day. I’ve played a lot of the area courses over the years but I want to play one that’s good but not too challenging. I don’t think Shadowmoss is worth the drive, and the muni, even though it’s just been redone, may still be lacking for the price for non-residents. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. We bought a place on Kiawah this summer. We've been going down there for the last 18 and we like it because it's not MB. Being from NJ, MB is getting too much like the Jersey Shore. Kiawah is a private island with security and the beaches don't seem to ever be too crowded. The golf can be very expensive, but with a membership, the cost is reasonable. Membership isn't as expensive as NJ courses and the quality is much higher. If you are looking for nightlife, Kiawah isn't probably going to be your type of place, but there are many good restaurants on the island and close by. I'm really looking forward to going down again after COVID starts to ease up. For now, I'll just daydream and collect the rental income.
  4. I would stay at the resort when you play. They have shuttles and rounds are cheaper when staying with the resort. The packages are also reasonably priced. I’d stay in Charleston for the weekend if you don’t plan on playing because its 45 minutes to an hour to drive each way. The activities in Charleston are much better and walking or an Uber is easy The island gets pretty slow at night even on weekends and I don’t believe Uber or Lyft go on the island. They didn’t last time I was down there.
  5. i usually play single so I’m almost always out with strangers. The most memorable random was down near Charleston, SC. I was paired with a father/son. Son was in college, and dad was 50ish. The dad was giving his son occasional pointers, not criticizing but just speaking to his swing mechanics. The son just kept saying, “I know, dad”. We were just chatting about the area, they were locals, and having a nice round. Turned out the son played for the local college. Halfway through the round, I mentioned that the son had a swing like Mickelson, really long but kind of erratic. Dad says, “Did you hear that? Maybe you should listen and shorten it up a little, like I told you”. Anyway, we had a great time and I played pretty well. After the round, we hung out and had lunch. Turns out the dad used to be the club pro at Harbour Town. I joined them for another round that week. I’ve golfed with the dad a few times over the years, but he has since passed away.
  6. We went with another couple last spring and the bill for all was about $250. The golf was a little over half. Fortunately, we payed for the golf separately. That being said, the food was highly overpriced as it was basically sports bar food. We did tip just under 20%. I would not even consider including the golf cost in the calculation of the tip, simply because the waitress had noting to do with the golf. We did have an issue with the golf when we started and had to wait 10 minutes for the attendant to fix the problem, time we weren’t reimbursed for. One ridiculous thing Top Golf does where we live, they charge an additional fee for advanced reservations. On a weekend the fee was $25. Yes, it’s a fun time but it seems they gouge as much money out of the patrons at any possible opportunity.
  7. We thought Maxie’s and Drum and Quill were much better than Pinehurst Brewing, but all of them were good. The crowd at the Pinecrest was fun. I can honestly say we didn’t have a single bad experience. I’m trying to book another trip in February, staying at the resort. We’ll be playing all resort courses. I’m a little concerned about the weather. I see it can be very hit or miss.
  8. My personal experience only but I moved the ball way up in my stance when I hit driver. It has made a world of difference. I can now adjust slightly and hit a draw (sometimes), straight, or a slight fade. As long as I keep my body from moving forward too early in my swing, I hit much better. I have also moved the ball up for my irons. The only time I move it back if if I want to keep a low trajectory with my irons. I’m sure this doesn’t work for everyone but it works for me.
  9. I’ve used GN often, but only for hot deals or if the course doesn’t have online booking. In my experience, courses charge the same as price as GN Most of the time except the Hot Deals. Non Hot deals are cheaper because you don’t pay the booking fee. Some courses do offer E-deals and they can be as cheap as the hot deals, sometimes better. One time, I booked online at a course website and the greens fee was $5. Not kidding, $5. I made sure I printed it out and brought it to course with me because all other tee times were $50. I get there and the guy tries to charge me $50. I showed him the printout and he says, oh yeah, sometimes I make a typo when I enter in the cost. I still only paid $5. I try to book on the course websites mostly. I used to use LastMinuteGolfer.com because they always had great deals within 2 days of the tee time, but GN bought the website, and those great deals no longer exist.
  10. I tend to stay away from the high dollar balls. First because I usually lose a few each round and second because I am not at a point where I feel a better ball will significantly improve my game. I do notice some difference between balls when I try a new type/brand/feel, but in the end, I think game improvement starts with my swing and course management. My buddy, who is a low handicap actually said to me that he’s now playing XX brand balls because they are $15 a dozen instead of the $30-40/dozen balls that he used to play because they are just as good. I was actually playing the same ones and I paid $12 for 18 at Walmart.
  11. Tobacco Road #13, par 5. Tee shot needs to be 260-280, then a layup between 130-160. Finally, 100-120 blind to an elevated green. It takes three good shots in the right positions to hit the green. I was playing pretty well up to this hole, +9, then this hole took the wind out of my sails. I hit my tee shot too far and didn’t have a clear line to the next landing area. I hit my second shot okay but was at a bad angle to get on the green. I would up short in the brush and had to take a drop. Still at a bad angle, I flew the green. I wound up with a 9. I never got back on track after that hole. I will go back someday and try again.
  12. How high is the apex of the ball flight? I can hit screaming liners to 150+ if I put the ball back in my stance and catch it high, but there is no telling where it’s going.
  13. My aha moment was that my aim point is going to change depending on the club, lie and type of shot I want to hit. My golf game stagnated at a 20 handicap until I changed my thought process for each different shot. Once the aha moment becomes permanent, it’s time for the next.
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