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  1. My home course has the front 9 in Lava. Right now there is a volcanic eruption close by. So this is the view from the club house. Really makes the landscape pop here is a close up ( the course is in safe distance )
  2. It is better to putt with a 3wood than wedge
  3. The greens are fast and hard to putt! Kim : Hold my 3wood please 16 pars for Poulter is nice to see
  4. This is awesome to watch! An opening round where not a single player went bogey free in the masters. Some would say the greens are unfair but Rose said no! This is a test in accuracy and scrambling. You will miss shots, you miss greens, you will get bogies. But how to handle it is the real test!
  5. Many pro players lost their touch when they changed club manufactures and no one seems to talk about it.
  6. This is so funny how many men think that girls play worse golf. A solid 0 would lose to a LPGA pro 9 out of 10 times. A 4 hcp would lose to Lydia even if she was using irons only... I have played with pro women players and they are not any worse than the best men I have played with. Personally I think there are few LPGA players that could do fairly in some PGA events. Any PGA player would be proud to have the short game Lydia Ko showed on Sunday.
  7. That putt going in would have been fair. But what a confidence boost and will be fun to see next tournament. That round!
  8. What a day in golf!! I’m hooked to the TV
  9. If there is something wrong with it then it is probably better to able to replace it... safe to say the fairway is safe from him at the moment
  10. Long time fan cobra fan here. Cobra Staff bag Cobra F9 Driver Cobra F9 Tour 3 wood Cobra Rad Tour 5 wood Cobra Hybrid Irons Cobra black CB/MB Limited Wishon wedges and custom Scotty
  11. So lets say Bubba is +7 TPC Boston is rated 77.2 / 154 Bubba gets -5 strokes on the course to maintain his hcp. Saying on a normal day he should play around 67-70 Four days at 68 is -20 I just don't see the problem that a course is too easy when based on their skill level multiple pro's should be around -20 based on their hcp.
  12. Wait so we are angry that guys that are +4 - +7 in hcp are playing courses 4-7 under par each round ?
  13. Hi guys, I have been wondering are there any good websites for golf fantasy games ? I have been thinking creating a draft competition with some of my friends. Dream would be if there is a website that tracks more than just one tour. The tours I'm interested in are PGA, LPGA, LET and European Tour. The idea is simple we start the season by drafting players, and then we submit our teams for the weekend. Points per performance, made cut, top 30, top 20, top 10, top 5, and podiums. I have done this in excel before but was hoping there was a website or app that does similar things
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