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  1. Did you strip them yourself or have someone do it for you? I have some old Titleist 690 MB I’m looking to refinish or make raw.
  2. Wonder if it’s Ping or Golf Pride? Maybe both…
  3. I have a few Toulons - i would say they are soft for milled putters, assuming we are talking about the diamond milling they have been doing the past few years. there are some flycut toulons from the garage or small batch that are completely different feeling - more of a traditional milled face. you can tell you're not hitting an insert like an OG so still feels like a milled putter, but on the softer side of milled putters. I can't really compare to others on your list myself - haven't gamed any of those.
  4. I would agree with this... I have the Varispeed and use the brushing roller thing it comes with before each session. Also vacuum and make sure its clean. I haven't noticed any grooving, but maybe that is me thinking i'm a dominant putter.
  5. Speaking treating you well for years, how many of you actually game your Mills vs. just rolling indoors/collecting? Would love to game my Mills, but some these are just so nice looking/rare that it might be hard to actually put it in the bag!
  6. I bought one of those WHP #7 off CPO as well - its the bigger #7 head version and as-advertised. amazing find for one of the best. GLWS! Just to confirm, looks like that Pendleton is a blade cover and not a mid-mallet? Thanks!
  7. now where are all the matching putters?!?!?!? are all of those Velcro, or are there magnetic ones as well? Very cool collection!
  8. Is the milling pattern on the Toulon, just the diamond milling that Toulon has been doing for several years? Also, what is the milling pattern on the Olsen? Great looking putters!
  9. I was going to say the same thing... I was able to get a SB La Grange, and the double fly cut milling feels so nice. Now i just need to be brave enough to game it, or just hold onto it (but what's the fun in that?!!?)
  10. The satisfaction i get when i can get a ball to stick on that dang Putt Out is nothing sort of spectacular. On the flip side, constantly watching it roll up, then back down when i think i have a perfect putt is infuriating. Getting one to stick in the Ping Punch portable hole is pretty cool - could look into one of those as it replicates going into the hole from my view.
  11. I need a couple of those TP Mills Golf Pride grips you both are sporting! And some Calon Segur...
  12. I’m sure you saw, but the JDM Austin is on CPO eBay for a great deal. Can’t recommend it enough.
  13. Oh, nice. I’m in south Denver. Stay safe up there! Saw wild fires going on. good luck with Wolf Creek and Silverton. It’s been an odd winter. thanks for the link… will have to check it out. Anyone else using another platform/leveling system that have worked well that I should know about?
  14. Love that JDM Austin, i got one as well from CPO (eBay) - did you swap out the shaft?
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