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  1. I’ve won 7 of them at 2 different clubs. Always feels nice to win!
  2. Guys...I would be 99.9% certain that there won't be any BB in the updated lineup. Expect a couple new head models and a couple discontinuations.
  3. This just reminded me how great PX Flighted were. Sucks they discontinued them fairly quickly.
  4. Didn't last time they only did the T200?
  5. Milling looks a little odd. Also the shaping looks awfully sharp in the heel area.
  6. Took me almost 4 months to get my Modus 120 from Titleist.
  7. Completely unrelated, but because of this thread I checked out the website. Appears that you can only order TT Elevate shafts...is that the case?
  8. ...and then the grips are NEVER in stock.
  9. Hmmm...I thought the 2021 was the all black (red). Thanks
  10. PXG doesn't seem to do a great job of retaining talent.
  11. I think his just has the grind smoothed out.
  12. Regardless of the explanations you are given (or the fact that you're still inside of the timeline), you seem certain that you've somehow been wronged. Frankly, you're the worst type of customer.
  13. Why'd you order from them then?
  14. BCC1898

    Titleist T100

    Losing a set of clubs seems awfully "suspicious".
  15. BCC1898

    Titleist T100

    I ordered in September and had them December 15th.
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