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  1. I can assure you, your club is not the issue. This is a place where new equipment is more important than sound technique and solid fundamentals, but one day you’ll realize it’s the indian not the arrow, and “changing your swing” isn’t as easy as you claim it to be.
  2. Take some lessons, the “hybrids go left” thing is so over exaggerated on here. I play with a couple scratch guys and multiple low single digit guys and everyone of them could hit any modern hybrid from a major manufacturer and keep it in play consistently, as long as the shaft is right.
  3. Report back after you do, I did the same and it performs better for me and feels much better. I was expecting to lose a few yards off the tee but haven't noticed that, and my irons/short game have definitely improved. People who prefer the feel of BX off putter must be using soft mushy inserts. I use a milled putter with no insert and think the softness of BXS off the face is the best of all tour level balls, just the perfect blend of firm and soft without being too much in either direction.
  4. I made the switch this season from BX to BXS and have zero regrets Although I could happily play both, I prioritize iron play (and holding small tight greens) over driving distance, and the XS is noticeably better with irons for me
  5. Interesting results when comparing the Tour B XS vs Tour B X Seems like the XS is a better ball in most situations, which is opposite of the sentiment around here
  6. I would be happy with Mizuno, callaway or ping
  7. Just curious how many people here are using or have used a Walker Trolley? I just ordered mine and am looking forward to getting it. Biggest complaint I've heard is the steering, but based on videos I've seen it doesn't seem bad at all. I was looking for something simple, well built, with lots of storage and I think this checks all three boxes! Will keep the thread updated once it arrives for anyone interested.
  8. Still bagging my ST190 Driver and 3 wood, absolute favorite driver I've ever played. Not really even considering the STz driver as I see no reason to replace something that is working so great for me but am intrigued by the STZ 3 wood and thinking about adding a 5 wood and ditching my hybrid. Anyone who has played both ST190 and STZ fairway woods, what are your thoughts? I hit the STZ 3 wood at PGATSS in the bay and could not see any appreciable difference, but hitting indoors on trackman is far different than playing on course. Any input is appreciated.
  9. Fortunate enough to own them already: Callaway Legacy Blacks w/ MMT 125tx Shafts
  10. Ping glide 2.0 stealth is still my favorite best combination of soft feel, accuracy and forgiveness May not be breaking records in any one individual category, but is the consistently highest performer all around for my game.
  11. J40 CB and it’s not even close in my opinion
  12. Mizuno (driver 3w putter) ping (hybrid, wedges) callaway (irons) So 3 for me, 4 if you include Bridgestone ball
  13. Ordered my i210s with 120x no problem, i’m assuking 120tx is available as well . But these days who knows how many months you’ll have to wait for a custom set. Give MGS a call and they will help you out.
  14. Just moved back to a deep etched full cord and it just feels right. That and the pp58 midsize I can also get along great with. I learned very quickly that super stroke is not for me
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