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  1. 1) Mizuno MP-32 set, 6-PW with N.S.Pro 950Gh Stiff shafts. Standard length, standard loft and about 1 degree upright. Can't believe I'm selling these but I never use them and feel like they deserve a good home. They've been sitting idle too long. No idea what these are worth, let's start at $225 shipped obo. 2) Mizuno MP-54 set, 3-6 with KBS Tour 90 S shafts. Standard L/L/L. These are in pristine shape, barely ever used. There were the upper end of the combo with my MP-32 set above but I almost never used them. $225 shipped obo. 3) Travis Mathew Trifecta 2.0 pants size
  2. I did! 2 pairs of shoes in colors I would've never ordered. Pretty happy.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion @zripp3. I was actually considering getting some pvc for one or two holes but just so that I could pour in more than 4-5 balls before the hole is full. The 4" cups only hold a couple balls.
  4. Oh no! I was worried about the wiggle but couldn't get samples of any better turf. What other turf do you wish you had gone with? I tried to get a sample of NP-50 but they never sent it. Also I'm going to chip onto my green from a few feet away, how soft is the starpro master when pitching onto it?
  5. Ah great, I like that UnderParfect. What turf did you get? I went with the starpro master, I got a sample it seemed great. It comes next week, my fingers are crossed.
  6. Thanks mackepa, I like the idea of a center cup, I was thinking maybe offset just a tad so I can putt on the diagonal line. My kinds want more holes, not less so I was going to try and cram in 5 or 6.
  7. So I went for it and am building a 14x12 indoor putting green. I'm at the point where I want to drill the holes for the cups but can't decide on where to put them and how many to include. Does anyone have any recommendations or good strategies here? The turf doesn't come until next week so I have a few days to think about it (or obsess over it). And yes, that is a killer tiny dance floor in our basement room. No idea why it's there, it was there when we moved in, LOL.
  8. Ok awesome, "Mid Mallet" is the magic term I was looking for. I'll checkout the cameron site and amazon as well. Thanks everyone!
  9. I have a Scotty Cameron Red X and I was looking for a new headcover for it. www.scottycameron.com/archives/putters/2006/red-x/red-x2/ I don't know what kinds of headcovers would fit this putter well, any advice? I'd love a cameron one but can't tell which ones would fit it well. Thanks!
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