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  1. 1) Brand new, still in plastic set of Callaway Mavrik irons, 5-PW, AW. These are standard L/L/L. The shafts are True Temper XP 105 S300. Not much to say, they're still wrapped from the factory and have never been opened. $725 shipped. 2) Epic MAX driver. 10.5 Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 50 Graphite. Brand new with headcover and tool. $425 shipped.
  2. Yikes! That's much easier to spot, heh.
  3. I left it in water for about a minute and no bubbles. I've heard a weird cracking noise after teeing off though after I hit the ball and then lean against my driver. I thought it was the shaft in the hosel but now I'm thinking it was the face. Time to go shopping I guess, "darn".
  4. Ah, hadn't tried that, it sure does.
  5. I've been hitting the weirdest shots with my driver, so bad that I was wondering if it was cracked. Does this look like a crack to anyone? Or just normal face wear? This is a Ping G LST. Thanks!
  6. Wow, just a follow up. Ordered Wednesday and received on Saturday morning somehow. Tokyo to Tennessee to Washington state. "Open box" X forged irons. They're brand new. 3 still in plastic and 4 that have never been hit, just unwrapped. Golfpartnerusa is up there with ksouth9 for sure, maybe more impressive.
  7. Good luck! There's no sales tax on their site either, that's a 9% discount where I live. Such a good deal...
  8. D'oh, got the email this morning, I shouldn't have looked. Just bought a set of 2018 X Forged. So cheap, too cheap to pass up...that's a thing right?
  9. The jpx look great, do you happen to know what swing weight they are playing in 4 and 5 vs the rest of the set?
  10. 1) Mizuno MP-32 set, 6-PW with N.S.Pro 950Gh Stiff shafts. Standard length, standard loft and about 1 degree upright. Can't believe I'm selling these but I never use them and feel like they deserve a good home. They've been sitting idle too long. No idea what these are worth, let's start at $old. 2) Mizuno MP-54 set, 3-6 with KBS Tour 90 S shafts. Standard L/L/L. These are in pristine shape, barely ever used. There were the upper end of the combo with my MP-32 set above but I almost never used them. $225 $200 $sold. I'd sell the combo of 1 and 2 for $300 shipped.
  11. I did! 2 pairs of shoes in colors I would've never ordered. Pretty happy.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion @zripp3. I was actually considering getting some pvc for one or two holes but just so that I could pour in more than 4-5 balls before the hole is full. The 4" cups only hold a couple balls.
  13. Oh no! I was worried about the wiggle but couldn't get samples of any better turf. What other turf do you wish you had gone with? I tried to get a sample of NP-50 but they never sent it. Also I'm going to chip onto my green from a few feet away, how soft is the starpro master when pitching onto it?
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