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  1. I have a Studio Stainless Laguna 2.5 and I love it. IMHO, the Studio Stainless series are killer looking, older Scotty’s. Keep in mind that both the Studio Stainless series and the Pro Platinum series are going to feel petty light by today’s standards. With the exception of some of the specific 340/34 and 350/33 ones, most of them (like my Laguna) are originally 330g and 35” from the factory.
  2. I’ve gone back and forth as well. This season I’ve settled into a 2018 Scotty Laguna (which has the milled insert with the tape / elastomer behind it). Honestly, IMHO it’s damned close to the fully milled Scotty’s that I own. It feels great to me and it’s plenty firm.
  3. I played a Scotty GoLo S5 for a long time but recently replaced it with a Phantom X6 STR. Both are great center shaft putters.
  4. I probably should have expanded a little bit more on this. Alignment tools are not my biggest priority for putting - my focus is more about my shoulder rotation and having my putting stroke on plane. The alignment aids are a loose guide for me and come after addressing the ball and checking that my putter face is square to my target line.
  5. Any of the square Scotty covers can be found on eBay. The square 2017 Futura cover works great with that putter - that’s what I used.
  6. For me, neither one wound up being optimal. I had an O-Works 2 Ball and it was quick to line up but not precise. I also have had a couple of SeeMore’s and I find it’s very slow to line up and address. I was always taking my time checking and adjusting my alignment with the RST and I felt like I couldn’t get into a nice rhythm. the RST works great, but the slow rhythm always bothered me and I eventually moved on.
  7. That’s not exactly right. The 2008-2011 Studio Select Squareback 1 and 2 both have rounded bumpers. The 2014-2015 Select Squareback has square bumpers. The 2018-2019 Select Squareback 1 and 1.5 both have square bumpers and the 2020-2021 Special Select Squareback 2 has square bumpers. The numbers refer to the neck styles: 1 is a single bend shaft, 1.5 is a mini slant neck and 2 is a plumbers neck. https://www.scottycameron.com/putter-archive/
  8. I’ve had the 2018 and still own the 2014. I greatly prefer the more compact head shape of the 2014 (even tho it has that stupid pop up cross). IMHO, the face of the 2018 and the 2020 is too long and the head feels huge compared to the 2014. My perfect Squareback would be the 2014 head shape with a single line on the back flange.
  9. IMHO, the twist face was done better than the original and the M6 had the early version of the inertia generator. I thought the M6 was a great, forgiving driver and easily as good as the 2016 M2 was.
  10. I think year after year there are incremental improvements and substantial improvements in the clubs. For example OG M1/M2 were substantial (compared to the R series), M3/M4 were incremental gain and M5/M6 were more substantial.
  11. I can’t see a reason to change - the TS2 is already a fantastic club. The TSi fairway just seems like an incremental evolution of the TS, like it was to the 917.
  12. I have a Seemore mFGP that is “face balanced at impact” but it’s not face balanced when you lay it down on the balance point. It (and a lot of other Seemore’s) is a great center shafted putter that will do what you’re looking for. I will also mention that I picked up a used Scotty Phantom X6 STR recently that is a lights-out, face balanced, center shaft. If you can get past the aluminum face, it’s fantastic.
  13. the last year or 2, I’ve really settled into a 360g head at 33.5”. Since I’m playing Cameron’s, that means a factory 33” extended by 1/2”. I prefer it this way Because if I cut down a 34” then it’s too light for me.
  14. The ER2 was one of the best putters I ever rolled - on carpet. It played horribly for me on grass tho. My distance control was terrible with it.
  15. Mine has never done that. I’ve had it for about 6 months now.
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