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  1. I have a Seemore mFGP that is “face balanced at impact” but it’s not face balanced when you lay it down on the balance point. It (and a lot of other Seemore’s) is a great center shafted putter that will do what you’re looking for. I will also mention that I picked up a used Scotty Phantom X6 STR recently that is a lights-out, face balanced, center shaft. If you can get past the aluminum face, it’s fantastic.
  2. the last year or 2, I’ve really settled into a 360g head at 33.5”. Since I’m playing Cameron’s, that means a factory 33” extended by 1/2”. I prefer it this way Because if I cut down a 34” then it’s too light for me.
  3. The ER2 was one of the best putters I ever rolled - on carpet. It played horribly for me on grass tho. My distance control was terrible with it.
  4. Mine has never done that. I’ve had it for about 6 months now.
  5. I love my i210’s so much that I bought a set of used i200’s last year as a backup / practice set. To me, they are VERY similar which proves your point of ”If you are playing non-XX irons, go ahead and get the XX-2. But if you already have the XX-1s, the switch isn't worth it”
  6. I’m a big fan of the Golf Pride Tour Classic. It’s a midsize, but not too big. The triangular profile really locks me in. Runner up for me would be a Scotty Pistolero.
  7. Try and find an older Newport 1.5. That’d be “pretty close” to his Tour Rat https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/putters/2013/select/newport-15/
  8. This is my 2nd full season with a 16.5 TS2. I previously had a 16.5 917 F2 and a 17 Rogue 4W. Mine has the Kuro Kage Black DC in it - reg flex. The TS2 is stupid easy to launch. Off the deck, I tend to swing mine like an iron so I lose a bit of distance, but I get a nice, high flight. It’s a very forgiving club. I typically get 210-220 out of it.
  9. No, it’s not the putters fault - he just doesn’t seem to putt well with the Piretti when it counts. Maybe I should have made that point more obvious. I’d love to see the guy win, don’t get me wrong.
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I really want to see TF win one already. Seems he’s always close but can’t close the deal due to his putting. Anyone else think it’s time for him to move to a new putter?
  11. I took a 15 year break from golf and started back up again in 2015. I had previously played Wilson Staff blades for my entire golf life. At that time I got some 716 AP1’s and then some G410’s, thinking that a GI iron would be good for me. Honestly, my iron play was terrible with both those sets. I did not like either of them. I then moved into i210’s, figuring that they were a forgiving “players” cavity back and I really liked them. Not blades, but not shovels either. My game started to improve with them. I was way more consistent, even tho I lost some yardage. Was it specifically the irons? I don’t really know. All I can say is around the time of that switch, I started playing a LOT of golf. My wedge game also really improved too, as did my putting. At the end of the day, irons are not the best part of my game, but I’m more comfortable standing over a players cavity back iron then I am a game improvement iron.
  12. stormin70

    4 wood

    It wasn’t about distance for me - they both get me about 220. I just think the TS is easier for me to launch.
  13. stormin70

    4 wood

    I previously had a 17 deg Rogue 4-wood and now a 16.5 deg TS2. Both are great clubs. The Titleist 917F2 is another great one at 16.5 deg.
  14. I can’t speak for the TSi, but my TS2 is stupid easy to hit, swinging down like an iron.
  15. I actually moved from my TS3 to a TS2. It just works a little better for me. The TS2 has been awesome and I have no reason to change it.
  16. I’ve been playing 3 wedges in 50/54/58 for the last several seasons and I’m really starting to wonder if just a 50 and a 56 would be a better pairing for me. I tend to use my 50 mostly for full shots and my 54 for 90% of my sand, chips and pitches. My 58 doesn’t see a lot of action unless it’s a flop or I’m stuck in a tight green side bunker. Have any of you been here before? Has it worked for you to not have a lob wedge? I’d love to hear your thoughts...
  17. About 2 seasons ago I was playing 4W, 7W, 23 deg hybrid and then 5i. What I found was that about 80% of the time from the fairway I was using the 4W and 80% of the time from the rough I was using the hybrid. The 7W, while a great club, only saw sporadic use. i changed it up last season so I had 4W, 4H (21) and then 4 utility (23). This gives me much more flexibility (although I only use the utility on some tight tee shots).
  18. One of the 2 putters I rotate through is a 2014 Cameron Squareback. The other is a 2018 Laguna. The Squareback is a bit more stable and forgiving compared to the blade. I like it a lot on slower greens or when my putting is not at its best. I like the wide body concept a lot. For me, the Squareback is pretty much "point and shoot". Other good choices are the Evnroll ER2 and the Stroke Lab Double Wide.
  19. When I first started playing 917s in my bag, I had both the 16.5 and 21 deg fairways. Eventually, I swapped the 7 wood for a 21 deg 818H1 because I found it gave me a bit more versatility for non fairway lies. In my current bag, I’m playing the 16.5 fairway and the 21 hybrid but both are now TS2s. Those 2 are such a great pairing.
  20. Yes, my ball striking is not as clean as it could be and my swing path is steep. I just really struggled with the G410s. With the i210, my end results are much better and I get a nice high ball flight.
  21. They “should” be the standard weights. Typically, the Fastback and some Squarebacks use the mallet kit. Cameron is not really detailed on which kit fits which. https://www.scottycameron.com/store/product/368/
  22. Based on the pics I’d bet it’s the older, regular weights like the Futura 5W used. I’d be surprised if they used the Squareback weights.
  23. I’ve had a couple that have really helped me and several that I couldn’t hit well if you paid me. What has worked the best for me is a 16.5 degree “4 wood” with a 42” shaft. I realize I’m giving up some distance with the shaft cut down, but I swing down with a fairway (like a 5 iron) anyway. Doing it like this, I can get plenty of launch off the deck and it carries around 215 for me. I’m currently playing a 16.5 TS2 but I also have a 16.5 917F2 that’s pretty much the same club. A while back I also had a Callaway Rogue 4 wood that worked great too. IMHO, the TS2 is stupid easy to launch.
  24. This spring will be my 3rd season with the i210s. I like them so much that I bought a set of i200s for a practice/backup bag. I have no desire to look at other irons anymore.
  25. If the 425s are working for you, that’s awesome. They’re a great looking club. Me personally, I had a devil of a time with my G410s and found the i210 to suit my game much better. The turf interaction for me is much better with i210 and they fly much more consistently than the jacked-up G410s did.
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