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  1. As I've said ITT, MGS is great, but for some reason their launch monitor reviews / articles are often severely lacking. I wouldn't get LM info from there personally.
  2. I like Hal's thoughts. Generally if I am outside on the range then yes, I want to hit balls. But indoors in my garage I am getting more into practice movements recently. "The need for result when hitting a ball won’t let us venture far away from what we’re doing that needs the change" That's deep stuff. Very good.
  3. Personally I can't really feel all the inside thigh stuff, probably because my mind wants to think about hitting the ball - an image I found better for me was the swinging in a barrel idea.
  4. The drill works better with a weighted club, very weighted - a sledgehammer is ideal.
  5. Try the sort of booster I've suggested then, it's a very cheap test and I think they can even work as a daisy chain
  6. I'm not very techie but would not a wifi booster achieve that, I've faffed around with older versions but I currently have this sort of thing in my house and it works perfectly https://ao.com/product/58387-bt-extender-router-white-73009-338.aspx You're going to have to have the gaming PC on the network anyway?
  7. Spyglass at slope rating 145 would technically be the hardest, but I think all these discussions are dependent on course conditions, particularly green speed. In the UK we are not used to quick greens so when fast ones do pop up it is something that takes me ages to get used to.
  8. I don't have a golf teacher. I have a swing consultant. That is mentally easier to handle btw.
  9. Depends on your local market and how many of the people you already know would be up for it - as has been said, they'd have to wrxers really. Finding new people to rent it to as a standalone unit as a business would be so niche as to be hopeless imho. The pilot model of shared ownership is more realistic providing you can trust everyone and get a decent rota going.
  10. Video of Rory squatting 315 please? I saw a reasonably full but very shaky 265 one.
  11. I'm a traditionalist, but for able bodied PGA players a 5 mile walk is utterly insignificant, a cart is not going to benefit them in any way, and, as the court agreed, the Tour should always have allowed disability exemptions.
  12. I've been trying to get this Rose separation / dump move working and completely failing to time / feel it. Hogan said about making the right hand drop as quick as possible? I've never managed that either. I've just seen a Bobby Jones video where he is referring more to the right elbow dropping, I've tried that last night and that feels more like pulling straight down a bell rope with the elbow and that seemed to work, felt like the club was really whipping round as a reaction rather than guiding it. Is that the same thing, pulling the right elbow down, as dumping the right hand down? (I could only try it indoors and I'm between LMs so I don't know where the ball was going).
  13. I've been interested to read about this fusion tracking ITT, good info, but I'd be shocked if it was capable of transforming the Mevo+ indoor performance into a GC3 competitor. Doesn't seem like the camera was designed for the purpose.
  14. Blimey, I'm a bit out of date with computer specs but it seems that serious horsepower is required to run FS software. Hope you all get some use out of Microsoft Flight Sim at 4K with these monsters.
  15. I’ve always wanted to do the skipping stone type moves but I’m naturally quite strongly left handed which makes it very difficult (not saying impossible, but very difficult).
  16. Rest of the course isn’t chopped liver either… Meribel, France:
  17. Cheers, I was originally copying the Bobby Jones lagging club head takeaway: Which may have been more relevant to hickory, I dunno, I could do the first part but always got stuck trying to c0ck after that. Anyway, yes, trying to make and ingrain the mental jump of breaking the wrists earlier.
  18. I do apologise. I should have emphasised that it was my opinion.
  19. I disagree with the premise of the question, I don't think the LPGA players hit it that far relative to their size or height etc. And their short games usually suck. No idea why men are told that they will learn more from watching them than the PGA players tbh.
  20. Excellent point, this goes back to the "global shutter" technology that pretty much all cameras use now, the 30 FPS is purely the software setting, if the hardware has the processing power to handle more frames then this can be ramped up. I'm not familar with the camera on the mevo + to know how good it is, I was under the impression it was probably fairly standard / lowish resolution, so intrigued to see what it can be made to track, club, ball or both.
  21. Ok cheers I am attempting the Justin rose thing this evening.. gonna take a while to feel it I think.
  22. If you don't find the GC2 or Trackman accurate enough, I think you're gonna be disappointed..... (joking slightly). If I had that sort of budget - and space, building a room from scratch - I would actually put effort into a tilting floor type arrangement that can simulate uphill, sidehill etc. I suspect it is more than 25K though: https://golfzon.co.uk/golfzon-vision-premium/ Personally I think that will be both more fun and beneficial to your game. In terms of LMs, GC3 is the new flavour of the month, as accurate as GCquad for just $7k, looks particularly suitable for sim use.
  23. Grip weight also has nothing to do with it. Any change in grip ie backweighting is only tricking the swing weight scale - many, many previous discussions about this by expert fitters. You have changed the static weight by a small amount but you cannot feel 15g difference under your hands. If your next claim is that the red coloured grips perform better than the black ones then we will know for sure you are trolling.
  24. I've been working on a better right hand grip, cocking the wrists, firstly as a drill presetting them: Then as a full swing: I know there's not as much c0ck as there could be, but it feels like a lot and my best shots now I do feel much more passive on the downswing. Am I on the right track? Right elbow seems to fly a little less? I look slightly less stuck? The consistency is NOT there at the moment, a lot of duck hooks when I committed to the move in a round.
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