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  1. I’ve used my 919F 4-pw for just over a season now and its the best all around iron I’ve ever had. When I got fit the dispersion was just so much better than anything else I tried. I’ve seen the same predictability on the course and I love it.
  2. dbone919

    Vokey SM8

    Yes there is with mine too. Its the first thing I noticed when I looked at them. I thought maybe it made the heads look slightly bigger but probably just me. This is coming from the sm6’s.
  3. dbone919

    Vokey SM8

    Thanks man. Can’t wait for spring! If I get bored enough I might give the rusting process a head start.
  4. dbone919

    Vokey SM8

    Ordered on 2/10 and received 2/18. First time I’ve ordered raw or even the new model for that matter. Ordered through my equipment guy who used WW.
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