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  1. Great looking bag man. I have the green one and enjoy it.
  2. I have been able to get a few rounds in with it here in MI. It is as good as advertised albeit from a small sample size. Im coming from the G400 and like everything about it better and the 400 was no slouch. Ive hit a couple ropes with it on a 235yrd par 4 and am impressed with its stopping power...both within 10-12ft of the ball mark. Of course i dont hit them all that good and find its forgiveness excellent as well. It can do whatever you need it to best I can tell so far exactly like a hybrid should.
  3. I ordered a G425 3H and it took 7 weeks exactly. I ordered it with the Ping Tour 85X and a CP2 wrap mid. Guessing the grip was the hold up from what I’ve read on here but it was worth the wait. Fantastic all around hybrid!
  4. Good to hear. Thanks man. Can’t wait to get it outside
  5. Ive heard and read nothing but great things about TEE fairway woods so going to give them a try once winter leaves here in MI. I like that I can add some fade bias to it without lowering loft not that the hosel is adjustable. If it performs anything like it looks it will be a keeper.
  6. Im 6’6” and use a 37” putter. Irons n wedges are +1”.
  7. Yes it can. Ive ordered my last two with double straps and wouldn’t want it any other way. You might have to attach it yourself after removing the single one or if you order thru somewhere have them do it. Either way you shouldn’t have a problem ordering a double.
  8. Second this. Ive had a couple versions over the past 5-6 years and its a great bag. Not ideal for carrying but theres about as much room as a suitcase in it. Has pockets for everything you can think of and is well constructed. No issues with dividers getting messed up or zippers going to hell. With a little tlc it can last awhile.
  9. I’ve used my 919F 4-pw for just over a season now and its the best all around iron I’ve ever had. When I got fit the dispersion was just so much better than anything else I tried. I’ve seen the same predictability on the course and I love it.
  10. dbone919

    Vokey SM8

    Yes there is with mine too. Its the first thing I noticed when I looked at them. I thought maybe it made the heads look slightly bigger but probably just me. This is coming from the sm6’s.
  11. dbone919

    Vokey SM8

    Thanks man. Can’t wait for spring! If I get bored enough I might give the rusting process a head start.
  12. dbone919

    Vokey SM8

    Ordered on 2/10 and received 2/18. First time I’ve ordered raw or even the new model for that matter. Ordered through my equipment guy who used WW.
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