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  1. I find the Snell MTB Black and X to be extremely durable.
  2. Yeah, me too! If they did the deal for the Yellow RX I would have done it. Now I’m either going Yellow Chrome soft TT or just stick with the Snell MTB black in yellow.
  3. I wonder why none of the yellow balls are part of the deal?
  4. I would go with the Taylor Made TP Penta for a multilayer ball. But I’m on the older side so if I go back a ways I’d have to say the Maxfli HT Balata.
  5. Do you notice much of a difference in trajectory between the two?
  6. From what I was just told this deal will be for the white golf balls only. The Yellow B RX and Yellow B RXS are not included for this offer.
  7. I would definitely give this ball a try. I really liked how the left dash performed but couldn’t get past the feel. If this performs similar to the left dash but has better feel it could be a winner for me. I also like that it will be offered in yellow.
  8. I went from 45.5 to 44.5. The driver was D3 before I cut the inch off and with the 10g additional weight it came D2.
  9. I went to 44.5” and will never go back. I didn’t lose any distance but my accuracy greatly improved. Luckily the driver I have had changeable weights so I went 10g heavier and it got the driver to D2 which felt perfect for me..
  10. Thank you everyone for the replies. You always get great info on this site.
  11. Has any one directly compared the 2020 Bridgestone Tour B RX to the Snell MTB Black? I would like to know as many details as you can provide. I’m unable to do any testing up here in the North East for at least another month. Thanks in advance.
  12. I would love to see the MTB black optic yellow come in the high numbers option.
  13. I switched to these as well and agree 100%
  14. How does the feel of the MTB Black compare to the B RX?
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