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  1. I wear a 9.5 will all of my other sneakers and street shoes. Size 9 fits me perfectly in the premieres and all other Footjoy shoes I have owned.
  2. I agree regarding Snell. I’ve played the MTB black and it is an excellent ball. I’m currently playing the MTB-X. For me it feels a little firmer which I like a little better. You can’t go wrong with either. They are both great balls.
  3. I was able to order 2 dozen MTB-X in white today. Got the shipment confirmation a few minutes ago.
  4. I’ve heard the claims that softer lower compression balls are more forgiving on mis-hits or when you don’t catch the sweet spot but is there really any truth to that?
  5. I find the Snell MTB Black and X to be extremely durable.
  6. Yeah, me too! If they did the deal for the Yellow RX I would have done it. Now I’m either going Yellow Chrome soft TT or just stick with the Snell MTB black in yellow.
  7. I wonder why none of the yellow balls are part of the deal?
  8. I would go with the Taylor Made TP Penta for a multilayer ball. But I’m on the older side so if I go back a ways I’d have to say the Maxfli HT Balata.
  9. Do you notice much of a difference in trajectory between the two?
  10. From what I was just told this deal will be for the white golf balls only. The Yellow B RX and Yellow B RXS are not included for this offer.
  11. I would definitely give this ball a try. I really liked how the left dash performed but couldn’t get past the feel. If this performs similar to the left dash but has better feel it could be a winner for me. I also like that it will be offered in yellow.
  12. I went from 45.5 to 44.5. The driver was D3 before I cut the inch off and with the 10g additional weight it came D2.
  13. I went to 44.5” and will never go back. I didn’t lose any distance but my accuracy greatly improved. Luckily the driver I have had changeable weights so I went 10g heavier and it got the driver to D2 which felt perfect for me..
  14. Thank you everyone for the replies. You always get great info on this site.
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