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  1. Rocco Mediate is also playing the RXS.
  2. As I continue to fight Father Time and losing, my stubbornness keeps me from hitting a 6 where I used to hit a 7. What urethane covered balls have you guys found that go the longest with the irons? I’m not concerned with driver distance just irons. Thanks
  3. I think both the Black and the X are fantastic balls. I’m noticing for me the Black is about half a club longer with the irons. Has anyone else found this as well?
  4. I would also really like to see a high number yellow ball. I would definitely buy several dozen.
  5. I rarely post reviews about anything but I was so impressed with my experience with Sqairz golf that I decided to post a review. First off the customer service is outstanding. I emailed a few questions to them about the shoes and shipping and who did I receive a call from? The company founder and CEO Bob Winskowicz called me personally. We were on the phone a good 15 minutes and he answered all of my questions. The he took my order personally over the phone and I had the shoes the next day. Really amazing customer service. On to the shoes. First off the pictures on the website don’t do these s
  6. Jack did use a MacGregor ball in the 86 Masters. It was the Jack Nicklaus Muirfield balata model 100 compression.
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