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  1. I have the ns pro 950 gh stiff in my miura 9003 sn they are an excellent shaft really smooth.
  2. Muira cb 57 are pretty soft and great feeling iron
  3. Miura 9003 passing point straight neck might work as there 2 degree strong and forged one piece great feeling and fore giving
  4. I also got the miura 9003 passing point straight neck from Chip Usher excellent irons with great feel and forgiveness, I would say that there a player’s club.Chip Usher is a great person to deal with if your interested in buying a set of these irons.
  5. i switch between miura cb- 57 and 9003 pp straight neck
  6. Other split playing time between miura cb57 and pp 9003 straight necks
  7. I guess In the true definition of the term GI pp-9003 are not game improvement but they sure improved my iron game.
  8. Miura 9003 passing point straight neck forgiving great feeling and very nice looking when addressing ball.
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