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  1. I just built a set of MMT's and used this wheel from Lowes. Fit my harbor freight chop-saw and worked great. The blade was fairly thin and the shafts didn't splinter at all. I've used it for those plus all my other graphite shafts and it's worked great. I'm just an amateur club builder though.
  2. I have this extra SW scale that I'm not using anymore so it's time for a new home. Still works great. My only complaint about it is that you have to make sure it's centered between the two vertical rests it rests on because it can get off to one side and rub against the bars. Otherwise it has served me very well over the years. Currently this thing is backordered through at least April on Golfworks.com. This thing is fairly heavy as the package weighs 9 lbs. I'll ship UPS Ground only to the lower 48. I did a quick estimate shipping from TX to CA or NY and it was around $15.
  3. Hey, the Autoflex shaft is sub 60!! Ha!!
  4. I've found cotton balls work pretty well. I never have to worry about having any as my wife keeps a good stash on hand.
  5. I just built up a set of 105 TX in some Srixon ZX7's. I was coming from a 120g range of KBS $ taper or Tour V. I'm sure you know, even though they say 105, they are 114g so a bit heavier. For me, they feel great and launch lower than the KBS and spin roughly the same. Now the Srixons spin less as well. But they are by no means soft. They came out very tip heavy which was great for me as I didn't have to tip weight any of them to get to a normal swing weight for me. I'm assuming that's because they are tip stiff patterned after the X100's. My buddy who plays 130g $taper hit
  6. They are no longer produced. Another reason why the price went up. Most things are overpriced especially these putters. Scotties, Lamb, Olson, you name it. Most are copies of some other putter in the past namely Ping. I've rolled (not owned) circle-T's and Lamb putters and there is nothing special about them from a feel standpoint and I don't think I'd make more putts with them. My off the rack Spider does just fine. But they are unique and works of art that some people covet. More power to them. Diamonds are essentially worthless stones yet we pay fortunes for th
  7. Check out Lambcrafted BST on facebook. $1200 is high for that ball marker, but they routinely fetch $800-900 for the stainless model. The brass and copper can fetch higher. Yes, it's ridiculous and crazy, but that's the market and you can say that about a lot of things people get interested in. Watches, shoes, you name it. They were about $65 new a few years ago.
  8. Most Mitsubishi shafts have a shaft label on the butt end. If you take off one grip, you might find a label still attached. I'm no expert, but I doubt there would be that much difference in feel unless it was softstepped multiple times. But not sure.
  9. Forgot where I read this, but someone mentioned using a gun cleaning brush to clean out any leftover tape or tape residue from a pulled grip. Tried it today and it worked very well. I just squirted some grip solvent into the grip and then inserted the bristle tip and worked it around. Voila!
  10. I thought the MMT were profiled after the DG X100?? At least the 125 were.
  11. In my experience, it varies between 9-11 SWP's depending on the grip, number of wraps, ferrule, epoxy, etc. I would weigh one before and then after the build to get your own personal formula and go from there.
  12. Set of Srixon Z785 5-P irons in good shape. Used for one season. KBS Tour V 120 X soft stepped x1 (4 iron shaft in 5 iron head, 5 iron shaft in 6 iron head, etc). Stock length cut to 38" 5 iron, 1/2" increments with PW being 35.75". So gripped maybe 1/8" long. Lie is 2 degrees flat and loft is standard. Custom BB&F ferrules. Prosoft inserts (vibration dampening effect). Can adjust to custom specs within reason. Slight nick in PW leading edge. Currently ungripped, but will include new Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 MIDSIZE in blue that I can install prior to shipping. POMS. $425 obro. Shipped via
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