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  1. These are the two shafts that I currently go back/forth with in my Tsi3. Ventus black 6x straight in or an XD60 TX. I just get along with the XD so well its like my security blanket. I think the XD spins a hair less and maybe launches a tad lower. I definitely have to add weight to the head to get them to play the same swing weight as the Ventus comes out a tad on the lighter side for my tastes likely due to the stiffer tip in the XD when looking at those EI curves above. Feel wise I prefer the XD but that's also maybe because I'm used to it. But I could play the Ventus in a heartbeat as
  2. Funny how the guest's logo says "Pine Valley" but the member's logo is just the logo, no words. Had a friend that played it and said every hole is like a post card.
  3. Very subjective post, but I had the Oban CT-115 and hated them. Seemed very spinny and ball went nowhere. I currently have the MMT 105 TX and love them. They feel like an x100 to me.
  4. https://www.golfshaftreviews.info/accra-tour-z-golf-shaft-review/ Does this help? I played the ST version for a while, but that was years ago.
  5. I have the 105 TX in my irons and the 105 TX scoring wedge shafts in my wedges. Love both of them. Feel like a tad lighter S400 to me. Combined with the stability shaft in my putter, I'm all graphite now.
  6. A Titleist adapter would add roughly 3/8" to the actual length of the raw shaft. I think a TM is similar. Just take a random shaft and measure what your Adams Hybrid's BBTG measurement is and then do the math from that.
  7. Srixon ZX Utility 23 degree / 4 iron in excellent shape with a MMT 105 TX Utility shaft. It measures 38.5" without a grip and E2 without a grip. I do have some grips I could install if desired. $225 Price is OBRO and shipped via UPS ground.
  8. Doubt they have different head weights for under/over length builds. So probably just bringing it back to stock. You'd probably be fine. But cutting 1" off will drop it by 6 SW points.
  9. Looks like the DF has a slightly stiffer tip than the ZF. But softer butt section?
  10. How much does your head weigh? That might tell you if they hot melted it or not. D9 is pretty high. Is it an over-length build? Super lightweight grip? I would hope that they use heavier weights or use hotmelt, but I've heard horror stories. Buddy of mine works at a local fitter and they got a club champion driver build in that the player just couldn't hit. Turns out CC had put tungsten powder with a cork down the shaft of his $500 Accra Tour Z RPG. Crazy. They also screwed up my own build using tungsten powder mixed in with the epoxy. It ended up going abou
  11. Haha! Nice. Unfortunately, I have become all too familiar with the DFO lately.
  12. I believe it's 42", but I can check when I get home.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Volf-Golf-Weights-Graphite-Shafts/dp/B08R16MVYL/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=golf%2Bgraphite%2Btip%2Bweights&qid=1625075895&sr=8-1&th=1 Have you ever tried these? My only knock on Billy Bob's is some of the heavier graphite tip weights don't have a pass-through for air. Major PITA. I've been meaning to try some of these, but just haven't build any in a while. Who knows, they may come from the same place!!
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