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  1. I don’t know if they stock a lot of LH but I got 2 MD5 wedges for $82 each from Callaway Golf preowned. It might be worth a phone call to a rep.
  2. The old chrome Cleveland 588 SW is probably the best I ever played. My first sw was a no name club I bought for $15 and that was great because it was the first non pw that I used to get out of the sand. It added a whole new dimension to my short game. Currently playing Callaway Jaws MD5 wedges and they are pretty good too.
  3. Even though Yes! went out of business, they were bought at auction by Adam’s which was then acquired by Taylormade. I assume TMAG currently owns some type of intellectual property pertaining to Yes!. even though the patent has probably expired by now.
  4. What makes you assume it has a better feel? I still use a Yes! Tracy II as my gamer and have yet to find a putter with better feel...and I’ve tested many.
  5. Still liking the Indi wedges. Which grind do you play?
  6. Have you compared the 75 gram Darts with the Recoil 80’s? I can special order the Darts in a .355 from Golfworks. Thanks
  7. I currently game Callaway CF 16 irons with Recoil 760 F3 shafts for 5-PW. I recently purchased 50 and 56 MD5 wedges with stock DG 115 shafts. While I like the heads, they feel heavy compared to my other irons. I am thinking changing the shafts to Recoil 80 Smac Wrap F3 shafts. Any thoughts. Options are: 1. Keep as is and continue to practice and play with stock steel shafts. 2. Change to 80 or even 95 Recoils. 3. Sell and add Sub 70 or Indi wedges with custom Recoil shafts. Thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  8. The 0317x is pretty good in my opinion, if you can fine one. Checks all the boxes that I was looking for in a hybrid for size, feel, distance and dispersion. Might be a little longer than the typical iron it replaces.
  9. For $40 more, $20 with a 10% discount, you can get 3 Tommy Armour 845’s in 52, 56. & 69. Which is the better wedge and deal. I play neither, but just throwing it out there.
  10. I’ve been selling and trading in clubs for the past 20 years and recently sold clubs to 2nd swing. It is the first time any site has reduced the value if the clubs when received (only around $6) It took a while for them to process the clubs but once I received notification, the check arrived quickly.
  11. I had the same problem 15 years ago and went through 5-6 putters one summer. Go on-line and purchase Dave Pelz's "Putting Bible" and spend some time perusing the pages as you see fit. Find a putter that fits your profile (for me it was a Yes Tracy II) and practice with it at home and on practice greens as much as you can. (on course training leaves too many negative memories). I've had the same putter for 15 years and have never looked back. I probably saved $1,000's since then on putters...Best of luck!
  12. 2 rounds under my belt in 2021 and it's over. MD5's are out of the bag and going back to 52 & 56 CBX's. Can't chip to save my life but the Cleveland's do assist in the short game. I'm not sure if trading out the shaft on the driver counts, but I did that too after the first round.
  13. Played Cleveland CBX wedge for a couple of years. I just changed to MD5 wedges and find the feel to be somewhat harsh in comparison. Probably will go back to the CBX soon.
  14. Ping G400 10.5 Alta 55 S TEE EXS 3/4 wood Tensei Blue R
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