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  1. I'm getting old and feeling the cold much more now. This year I went with base layer for legs. First time with this, and couldn't believe the difference it made. DIdn't want to invest much as an experiment so bought a Costco brand for $17. Highly recommend this route.
  2. As for your wife, I would say your/her plan is a good one. Sounds like she simply needs a driver with more loft and launch. Your lesson pro generates a ton of SS. Therefore, he could easily get by without a 3 wood. His needs aren't really comparable to the average player with a moderate or less SS. Just to clarify, I wasn't trying to debate whether a 4/5 wood is easier to hit than a 3 wood. For most it is, just that if someone struggles with 3 wood off the deck, it's more a swing issue than difficulty. If someone feels a 5 wood is a better alternative and they're happ
  3. Haven't hit the TSi3, but can't imagine that there's more to gain over the TS3, or even the 917d3 for that matter. Only thing that will get me interested is the improved sound. Also, for the price, not getting a wrench is really cheesy. Might as well leave the headcover out as well.
  4. Well, I suppose it's a flawed swing characteristic. As for 4 wood being a better choice, I might agree with that for certain players. I've also seen "certain" players hit a 5 wood longer than their drivers. Once again, I would contend that it boils down to a swing issue, and to some degree confidence. Just because you hit your wedge consistently better than your 3 iron, does that mean you shouldn't carry a 3 iron, and just hit a wedge all day? Nothing wrong with playing what you feel comfortable with. Totally depends on the individual.
  5. There have been numerous threads on this topic over the years. If someone is struggling to hit 3 wood off the deck, it's usually more of a swing issue than a club design issue. Can't discount that there are some designs that will help though. IMHO, get an Adams Tight Lies Titanium. It has a sole design that will minimize turf interaction, and will help out of the rough as well. Along with all that, it's very, very long, which goes along with some other select Adams fairway models.
  6. I just went from a U65 to a U85. Both are fantastic choices, but really hitting the U85 incredibly well. Might simply be the shaft option as they are very similar in design.
  7. That pretty much sums it up. I played this morning, and saw a huge difference. Tried to focus on my weight shift first, and everything else just seemed to follow. Still hit some bad shots of course, but overall, hit it rock solid. Unfortunately, it was 6 degrees, (42 fairenheit). when I teed off this morning. Didn't get much better either. Forgot how much distance that kind of temperature can cost you.
  8. Not totally sure, but I do know that when I've found myself out of sync like this in the past, that when I start my downswing with a solid weight shift to my front leg, everything else seems to fall into place on it's own. As you indicated, it's truly "amazing" how things can go so well for so long, then one day, you're lost. I think the problem is breakdowns in the golf swing happed very subtly and can go totally unnoticed. But when the ball is going everywhere, psychology takes over, and compensations start, then It's just a train wreck.
  9. I was really thinking of offloading my TS3 and opting for the new TSi3, but after the pricing came out, I had to re-think that plan. I actually really love my TS3, but sound/(feel), is the number one characteristic in a driver for me. More important than distance even. Saying that, I've never been able to warm up to the sound of the TS3. Much prefer my 917D3 in almost every way. Has anyone tried hotmelting a TS3 for sound. Looking for advice on this. If it works? how much hotmelt, and where to put it?
  10. After a pretty solid season, i started to play pretty poorly. Thought it was end of season anxiety, as nothing worse here in the Northeast than finishing off playing badly, and thinking about it all Winter. Pretty sure I have it worked out tonight. Did a practice nine holes. I was hitting across it, (wiping it), and not catching anything solid through the bag. This has happened to me before, but it's usually a more obvious flaw, as I'll be hitting driver behind the ball. I wasn't doing that, but my shoulders were spinning out ahead of my hips, causing an outside in swing path. Can
  11. I really wanted to order one, but wanted to loft bumped 1 degree. The order wouldn't reflect it, and couldn't correct or cancel, so decided to go another route. Was currently gaming a U-65, and the U-85 went on sale, plus a 4 day family and friends additional sale. So I opted for that. Have played one round with it, and it's really good. Sort of a lateral move, but now have the U-65 for my back-up bag.
  12. All valid theories so far. I've come to the conclusion that it's mostly physical. Some days it seems like I'm taking the same swing, but subtle timing and rhythm changes that can happen to an aging body from one day to the next will throw things out of whack. The golf season is winding down quickly here in the Northeast, so I hope I get another opportunity to avenge my last round. Absolutely hate finishing the season on a low note.
  13. I wonder if there's actually a real scientific explanation for this frustrating phenomenon that I'm sure has plagued most golfers. I'm talking about playing to ones normal expectations for the most part, then suddenly going to playing absolutely so terribly bad. I'm very realistic in my playing ability. I took a couple of lessons 5 years ago, and since that time have played well for me, all things considering. Mentioning this, as I really don't need to make any changes in my swing. To be more specific, have played really well most of this strange golf year. Played abo
  14. Feel your pain brother. $847 taxes in. Looks like I'll have one in the bag in about 2 years when the product cycle completes. Realistically though, I could easily stay with the TS3, or even go back to my 917d3, (which sounds much better).
  15. So looking forward to the Tsi3 abailability. After my last round though, most would think that I'm absolutely crazy to trade in my TS3. Can't imagine anything being any better really, and I still have a 917d3 that I also didn't need to replace(?). If the sound of the TS3 wasn't so offputting to me, I probably wouldn't consider it, but the sound is (suppose) to be improved, and the look is definitely improved so here goes as soon as it hit's the shelves.
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