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  1. For older vintage clubs, some have already mentioned Adams. Particularly the Super LS or even and XTD-Ti. Longest fairways ever for sure. A previous poster also mentioned, a Mizuno MP-Titanium. Another solid performer that would rival anything current. If you want something a little newer. Look no further than the Wilson C300. It's my current back up bag 3 wood. Super solid, muted, and just as long as anything out there. Definitely under $100 if you can find one in good shape.
  2. Anyone play one of these models? Love the look of the west loop, as I'm looking at moving to a wider blade design. Only issue is, I'm very fussy about the feel of the face. Used to a very soft insert, as that's my preference. Not sure how the milled face on these sound and feel. Any input?
  3. I also would have to go with my current, Wilson C300 forged.
  4. Hmmm.... Had no idea. Then again, I'm not a Callaway guy at all.
  5. Some use concentric shafts, so the shaft logo/pattern will stay the same in any adjusted position. Honma has a unique system where the shaft doesn't turn when adjusting. Surprised more haven't gone with that.
  6. Irons have improved, but I don't think the innovative improvements have translated into better. It's more the last 10 years that things have stagnated. I would look at the flex face designs that are popular now. Irons are now marketed like drivers, for distance. Irons are scoring clubs, not to hit for distance. The flex face design when screwed definitely go further. A lot further. Off centre strikes, result in inconsistent distances though. I don't see how this helps a player play better. For me, anything that's a good fit over the last 10 or so years, will be good for ones game, and save considerable dollars.
  7. Have to wholeheartedly agree here. The h2 is the one club in my bag that I would say is irreplaceable. Solid, muted, compact, unmatched adjustablility, nothing could top this IMHO.
  8. Just going to comment on a couple. Mizuno, has tried to make inroads into the driver/fairway market for years. Always seem to be identified for irons only. I think they've had some good drivers in the past, but this year the X and Z models are really good. Speaking of irons: Most players should consider Wilson Staff. They have some fantastic models out right now, or even in the previous couple of years.
  9. My Bridgestone J715 is timeless. It's in a backup role now, but could easily still hold the top spot in my bag. Just as long as anything with fantastic sound/feel. It's truly the only club I would never part with.
  10. I would like to hear more about the sound comparison as well? Love the shape and deeper face for sure, but hoping it's more on the muted side.
  11. I can so remember wanting a set of these. I also seem to remember that there was issues with the back weight falling out. Not totally sure about that though, as it was awhile back. I (think) I ended up opting for a set of MP-H4's instead. Adams was so ahead of their time with the slot technology in their woods and irons. Esp. considering it's still relevant to this day.
  12. I just put the ST-Z in play to replace my 917f3. Two rounds, and love it. Set it upright, (3 degrees), which is 1 degree open. Was worried about losing it right, but no issue in the upright position. As others have mentioned, not the longest but plenty long enough. Awesome of the deck. Also loving the ST-X driver, but looking forward to checking out the 220g.
  13. Had to replace my very trusted 917f3. Decided on an ST-Z, really just based on the X driver I've been gaming this year. Any thoughts on this choice? Search function doesn't seem to have a lot of info. but it does seem fairly well received. I am concerned that it might set up too open, but it can be adjusted to 3 degrees upright, so that might just offset the open face a little.
  14. Also, just as a sidebar/slightly O/T to this thread. I have another post going about my 917f3 fairway, which suddenly has a sound change. Several posters have indicated that it's a pretty good sign of a crack somewhere, although nothing evident. After looking around for something to replace it, nothing appeals to me, so have decided to just put my 904f back in. Glad I never got rid of it now.
  15. I think I have both still. The super ls for sure, and am in Canada. Thought I would never sell some of the vintage clubs I've saved, as the intrinsic value far outweighs the actual value. As I'm now getting old and realizing that it's pointless to just keep these clubs sitting idle, I've now sold off several pretty cheap, just so someone else can breathe life into them. Let me know if you're interested in either.
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