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  1. Also, just as a sidebar/slightly O/T to this thread. I have another post going about my 917f3 fairway, which suddenly has a sound change. Several posters have indicated that it's a pretty good sign of a crack somewhere, although nothing evident. After looking around for something to replace it, nothing appeals to me, so have decided to just put my 904f back in. Glad I never got rid of it now.
  2. I think I have both still. The super ls for sure, and am in Canada. Thought I would never sell some of the vintage clubs I've saved, as the intrinsic value far outweighs the actual value. As I'm now getting old and realizing that it's pointless to just keep these clubs sitting idle, I've now sold off several pretty cheap, just so someone else can breathe life into them. Let me know if you're interested in either.
  3. I've posted about his before. Adams super ls fairways and hybrids, along with the xtd-ti's, are vintage. Most of todays designs are rip-offs of the adams slot tech. That's why TM bought them out. I've moved on to a Titleist 818h2 hybrid. No longer than the vintage Adams I mentioned, but for size/shape, feel and sound the Titleist wins out.
  4. After a close up visual inspection, I haven't noticed any cracks or damage to the club. Maybe it needs an X-Ray?
  5. Not an answer to your question, but I wouldn't overlook the 818h2. Can't even imagine that the tsi2/3 could possibly be any better. Will relent though, no desire to try either one so just my grain of salt opinion.
  6. Makes sense, I'll take a closer inspection. Wouldn't think it would perform the same though?
  7. Been gaming my 917f3 for quite awhile now. My favorite club in the bag. Today, I noticed a much more hollow sound to it. Haven't changed golf balls. Performance seems the same. I snugged up the weight port and the adapter screw. No change with that. I haven't damaged the club. Never, ever play of tree roots, or around anything that would damage a club.. Anyone experience this, or have any ideas?
  8. I can give an update, but haven't done a comparison on the X and Z. I have the X. I recently changed the shaft, and now this driver is just perfect for me. I've sold my TS3 and now selling my 917d3 which I never thought I'd do, but the X is just so good. Only knock I can give it is the lack of adjustability, particularly compared to Titleist. I've managed to get it set up good enough for me though. The ST-220G will soon be released, and it looks like it's going to be well received as well.
  9. Thanks for the good laugh!! I'm sure you're just trying to make me feel better about my game. Trust me, stick with it, it's gonna' get better.
  10. The ZX has won MGS's most want utility. Although, the cons on the club were that it's loud and clicky. I'm not a fan of MGS and particularly their testing so take it with a grain of salt I guess. I'm sticking with the U85. I still have the U65, which I actually prefer, but I've so called upgraded, so have to take my medicine. New doesn't always translate to better.
  11. OP again, After a couple of more terrible rounds, I went out today with even more swing thoughts than I could possibly keep straight in my head. First drive was so terrible, I could have quit right there. Thank goodness I finally hit rock bottom. At that point, I gave up on thinking. Not totally sure what I did, but, I think I just stopped being so analytical, and went back to the feel player that I am. After a couple of more holes, I started playing extremely well. Once the solid shots start the confidence just seems to naturally follow. Will this continue, who knows, but as of today, I feel a whole lot better about things.
  12. OP here, Thanks for all the replies guys. Definitely helpful. I'm at the point I've been at many times in the past when in a funk. Haven't played for about a week, so I now have renewed faith, ready to get back on the horse that threw me off. Playing tomorrow morning, so will try not to overthink. Still believe that I need to focus on weight shift. I really should hit some balls first, but never do. We'll see how it goes. Don't want to say, it can't get any worse, as I've proved that wrong before.
  13. I know we've all been there. But I think I'm hitting rock bottom. I also know, that over the next few day, I'll be ready to pick up the pieces and try again. I'll try to be brief, but probably not going to be. About me: 62 years of age. Best days are long behind me. Only play about 5-6 times a month now, and absolutely never, ever practice. Considering all of that, actually played pretty well last season, and really well at the start of this season. Still relying on the basic changes that were shown to me via a lesson I took about 7 years ago, which was the last time I played this bad. The problem: Extremely inconsistent. Can't seem to put two swings together. In the past when I've had a couple of bad rounds, it always revolved around the same few basic mistakes, that were pointed out in the lesson I mentioned from several years ago. I either stop shifting my weight, let my head creep to the target early, have poor hip turn on the backswing, or get my right elbow and right hip disconnected. The result is a vicious over the top sort of move. Which brings me to the psychological component. In the last couple of years, I've been a little worried that I'll get to the point where I'm just too old, and won't have the athleticism to play well anymore. Since I played extremely well at the start of this season, I'm hoping that I have a few good years left. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know that some will say that I will either have to spend some time on the range, or maybe even consider another lesson. I'm hoping for something simpler, like a swing cue of course.
  14. I could easily put an MP-Ti back in the bag. Absolute vintage 3 wood.
  15. Can't say for sure, but I would take a look at this years Mizuno's. They're fairly deep faced, and either of them should cover the fit of most players.
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