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  1. You need to look up the meaning of "counterfeit". I suggested that some companies license the use of their brand on made for products. As for your assertion that "It's best just to walk away", I'm in agreement there bud.
  2. Not sure why some prefer their own interpretation of someones post as opposed to the literal interpretation. Had to double check, but sure enough, I never used the word "counterfeit". As for the moon landing(s). Being from there, you likely witnessed it first hand. Who am I to question you on that?
  3. No evidence. I believe I said that "I question" the authenticity. I have seen brand names on low end quality products, meant to be sold cheaper, as a way of getting a more widespread recognition. Last year, my local Costco was selling Sunice golf shorts for $!0 a pair. The material and quality were a match to several other Costco in house somewhat no-name brands. These were not made by Sunice. As a company, I've always been a big Costco supporter. No company stands behind their products better than Costco. I will purposely buy things at Costco at a higher price, just
  4. Travis Mathew at Costco? The one problem I have with Costco is, I question the authenticity of some high end brands, particularly clothing. Every time I've seen golf clothing for example, i.e.: Callaway, Sunice. The logo is on there, but the quality of the clothing is way off. I think they are liscencing the brand name, but making the clothes on the cheap.
  5. Staying with the TS3, but tempted to go back to my 917d3. Performance is really good with the TS, but just can't get used to the sound. Too loud. TSi3 sounds like an option, but not until the prices come way down.
  6. Definitely not me. I think the 917 line was the best of Titleist. I have a D3, along with an F3 and H2 hybrid. I did acquire a TS3 driver, and while it's a great driver, I actually prefer my 917d3.
  7. I've worn Ecco's in the past. Just bought a pair of G3's online. The site indicated that they were medium, but there's nothing on the box or shoes that indicate medium width. Is this normal for Ecco's. Maybe they only indicate wide and x-wide?
  8. Saw some base layer at Costco yesterday made by Avalanche. Looks like decent quality, but wasn't cheap. Anyone tried it?
  9. No experience (yet) with the TSi3. Only imput I can give you is on the performance and sound of the TS3. The TS3 is a great driver. It's plenty long enough, and very easy to control. Can't see much to be gained in the distance department even for strong swingers. The only issue I have with it is the sound. Not sure just how important sound is to you, but for me it's an issue. The TS3 is fairly loud and metallic sounding. Not annoyingly so, but if you're the muted type like me, than it will be loud. Also, a bigger footprint. It's 460 and looks 460. I actually much pref
  10. Only 1 item I'm considering for '21, and that's a TSi3. Nothing else excites me at all.
  11. I would admit the same. Both are great performers, but I prefer my u65 over the u85 as well. Not sure why I tried to upgrade such a great club.
  12. Love the look of the D7 forged, but don't see a reason to depart from my C300 forged. Just not enough of an upgrade, if at all. The C300 forged are fantastic irons, if you don't mind something a little less current and much cheaper.
  13. Couldn't agree more. I think I'm my own worst enemy in this case. I give people the benefit of the doubt, and it usually works out well. Just the few times that it comes back to bite you that can leave you soured.
  14. Thanks for the tips. I did make sure to keep the epoxy indoors, and let the shaft/adapter cure indoors as well. Didn't think it would affect the solvent though? I've been asked by a couple of other guys at work this week to do some club work, but I told them both to call in the Spring. Best part of it all is, I usually don't like to talk about a fee for repair work, and just leave it up to the discretion of the individual. They are mostly co-workers and friends that hit me up. Usually works out pretty well. I've been handed everything from a case of beer, to a bottle to cash. Not
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