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  1. Oh, yea, im fully aware that all parts of my game wont show up togather. I just rarely have such a good day with the driver and such incredibly poor results with all the other clubs. Its the inverse of my normal bad days and i was interested in how often this happens to others.
  2. Ha, This is so close to my round its mad. Im an 11.2, 13 course handicap and shot a 95 after missing a single fairway. So i beat you are sucking by 1 shot, not that its a competition. Fingers crossed your fare better in your next round.
  3. Thanks, good to know its relatively common. I swing around 105, carry 260ish with a slight draw when im swinging well, and it was really on at the weekend. Just so frustrating to put myself in so many good positions, to go and have the rest of my game go AWOL at the same time. Thinking back i believe it was likely just poor low point control on the day, a lot of chunked irons and wedges, which in the soft conditions we have right now with the wet, cold weather, are going to be really penalised. Not the way i wanted to finish the season, but with my first child due to arrive in the next couple of weeks, i think this is me done for a few months bar the odd lunch break range session.
  4. Does anyone else have days where their driver, and only driver, turns up and everything else is a mess. Over the weekend I had possibly my best day with the driver this season.... but had my 2nd worse score. Couldnt hit a solid iron, wedges were chunked or thinned and i had 33 putts with 5 x 3 putts. Only thing i can think of was maybe i was hanging back allowing me to hit up on the ball with my driver, but also doing the same through the bag, which is obviously a recipe for disasted. I know the inverse is a common issue, terrible driving but good with everythign else, but do many of you have my issue from this weekend? How did you re-set your irons without lsoing the great driving?
  5. I would find the fact i scored well, while hitting the ball poorly, more encouraging than feeling like i was playing well, but not able to score. Afterall, we are playing golf, not golf swing.
  6. I went slightly stronger, only a little, which through practice forced me to rotate better through the shot. If my hip turn stalled and hands got ahead, big hook avenue etc... I also ditched my regular grips and replaced with some midsize +4s as a test after my pro told me i was gripping too hard and had long fingers. Wow, what a difference. loads less tension in my forearms, better and more consistent release, solid strikes. Those 2 combined with a few lessons has seen me go from a 16 handicap, 90s shooter last season (35 rounds), to an 11 handicap with only 2 scores over 89 all season, despite only getting 25 rounds in this year so far. Sometimes it really can be the simple things that make the biggest difference.
  7. Perfect, il give this a good watch. Thanks.
  8. So, i play about once a week, range 1 or 2 times a week with a mix of long and short game and putting at home, working on drills given during lessons which i try to take every 3-4 weeks depending on what im working on. Recently, having worked on impact position with my irons, i had a round where i could not hit a fairway with a driver or 3 wood to save my life. High right, low left, pop ups and straight hosel shanks were all out there. I hit the range a couple of days later and within 3 swings realised that my shoulders felt as though they were level, if not tilted slightly toward the target (right shoulder higher than the left, right handed). I dropped that right shoulder so it was a touch lower than the lead and immediately started hitting high, long carrying draws with my driver. Fantastic, this is what i normally do. My issue is, what should be shoulders be doing with fairway woods? Ive never had a concious tilt either way and now im questioning whether i should set up with level sshoulders, or more like my driver with the right one dropped a little? Any suggestions?
  9. How are you missing?? Is there a consistent miss that plagues you? It will be hard for people to recomend drills and videos if you dont identify what specifically you need to work on. Do you have trouble with pace/distance control? Are you having trouble starting the ball on your intended line, pushing or pulling your putts? Or are you misreading the line? Obviously you could have a good stroke, but youll suck if you cant read a break. On the flip side, you might be able to pick a line, but if you cant start the ball on that line consistently then you wont be makling putts. Same with speed, hit it too short and youll never sink it.
  10. Something more upto date is for sure going to be better, as long as theyre suitable for you. Doesnt have to be the latest and greatest though. Make sure you have the right flex, length and lie and you should see improvements over clubs 15-20 years old from Costco. What you do need to work out though, is whether you want the most help possible, or whether you want something that while a bit easier to strike than your current set, is still going to provide some feedback so that you can learn from your mistakes. SGI (think Cobra FMAX, Callaway Big Bertha etc) clubs will help a beginner play 'better' to begin with as they can hide a multitude of sins and still get the ball down the fairway on a somewhat off center hit, due to all that perimeter weighting. But you wont get much feedback on your poor shots, and in somecases you might end up ingraining an off center move, which produces and ok shot with those clubs, but will be highlighted more as you upgrade. Or you can go for something a bit more compact, but still in the cavity back construction, like a PING i200/210. I'm somewhat biased as the i200s are what i use, and have used to drop my handicap from 21 to 11. i think they strike a great balance of feedback, looks, but with a bit of help on those off center strikes. I have taken big strides forward since getting them, admittedly along with plenty of practice, lessons and playing. Im sure there are some people out there with that kinda obsessive nature and natural talent, who would benefit from using some crazy hard to hit blades to learn with as they will just beocme obsessed with making them work and will adapt and find a way, but im not sure that there are many of those people.
  11. Driving im sure would help your score big time. Do you have a breakdown on GIR from FIR and non FIR? Im an 11.2 index, play a forrest course where being wild off the tee often means no shot at all into the green. My FIR is 62%, Greens in Reg is about 32% (47% GIR when hitting FIR, 9% GIR when not FIR). So i need to keep the ball on the fairway to have an anyway decent shot. If you play wide open parkland courses, then likely to be a much less drastic difference than mine id guess, but certainly something to have a look at, if your Skycaddie breaks it down like that?
  12. Let me guess... 6th and 13th? the 3rd is quite an innocuous looking hole, but it really doesnt suit my eye with the tree covering the right hand edge of the green. For a hole playing approx 150 yards it too often gives me a kick in the nuts. Glad you enjoyed the course, they spent a lot of time an money on it over the lockdown and its really in good shape right now.
  13. Ah cool Where is your home course? It has the benefit of being on heathland so is very free draining meaning even with our weather its playable pretty much year round, snow aside. Can be like playing Frogger at times crossing the road after 2 and 5, but thats a small downside to an otherwise great course. What did you score? And what was your favourite hole?
  14. So much good stuff here, thanks for the opinions. I like this, il take it to the course tomorrow and give it a crack on our putting green before my round. I have just been dropping 4-5 balls between 6 and 20 feet from the fringe and putting to that, but of course as soon as the ball hits the collar it loses momentum, so a ball may finish not far onto the fringe, but could have roled another foot on the green. So this will give me a better indicator. Thanks! I like to get into my stats, i track every round with my garmin watch and 'The Grint' app where i keep track of first putt length also. My chipping also needs to improve for sure and im not saying that the only part of my game that needs work is my putting, but my lag putting at times is criminally bad. 2-3 times a round il hit a green, leaving say 20 feet and my 2nd putt will be from outside 7-8 feet. That puts unnecessary stress on the 2nd putt and leaves me with a couple of 3 putts at least. My last 10 round averages for some context. 10/14 fairways (i dont include a fairway if i miss-hit the shot and its way short but still in the fairway). 7/18 GIR, GIR putts 2.3, Non GIR putts 1.78. I would say 1 - i need to improve approach play. 7 greens from essentially 14 fairways/tees needs to be better. 2 - make more putts. 2.3 putts average on GIR needs to come down. This is something i am a believer in. Confidence is self fulfilling. Telling yourself you are good at something gives you the confidence to believe and when you believe it you have much more chance to achieve it. I need to get back into this headspace with putting. I read over some of this on Saturday and took a bit more time around the green, before adressing the ball in the comp i played. Then as someone mentioned above, really looked at the hole, slowly traced back to my ball and then took the putt. This seemed to help with my pace for sure, which was welcome after i 3 jacked the par 3 opener from 12 feet... only other 3 putt came on a wicked pin position on a 2 tier green where i hit the wrong tier with my approach.
  15. Title says it all. I really suck at putting. I am a 12.1 index, drive great, irons so so, chipping comes and goes, but my putting just is not good. I average 35.7 putts over last 20 rounds. In that time ive gone from low to mid 90s to mid 80s, so im improving, but my putts are staying consistently at almost exactly 2 per hole. I have 1 12 ft putting matt at home which i use, its a Well put and i do the drills on the app rather than just hitting putts, but it just doesnt seem to translate to the course. Lag putting/distance control is my issue, 3-4 feet putts i make most of, if i ido miss its usually left short rather than missed due to line, so i think my reading is ok. But the number of times il leave a long putt 8 feet short from 20 feet is criminal, and of course next hole if i have similar il blow it 10 feet past. Ive had a couple of lessons where i got my set up sorted and as i say, my line tends to be decent. I putt left hand low, i switched to this because i pulled so many putts conventional. Any tips/drills to work on distance control putting left hand low? I stopped putting to holes on the practice green and now putt to the fringe from different distances to purely work on pace, only been doing this for a couple of pre round warmups, so not had chance yet to guage if its going to help. Help a fellow out.. please?!
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