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  1. My Rep said I need to get 3-pw. No AW. I am interested to see if anyone was able to get 4-AW or partial sets as well
  2. I am wondering if it is the same as the after market MMT TX. Similar to driver shafts how they release modified versions of an after market shaft like Ventus no velo. Idk but I find it hard to believe only because I believe those shafts go for over $500 after market
  3. I see you can no longer purchase apex pros on callaway’s site does anyone know if the X forged is replacing these or if this is an indication of new Apex’s coming.
  4. aceboog

    Vokey SM8

    Has anyone that ordered from wedgeworks got their wedges? or a shipping notification? I ordered on 2/11 just curious if they started shipping any yet.
  5. aceboog

    Vokey SM8

    Where did you order these from? Locally? or online? Is wedgeworks up and running for the sm8s?
  6. curious on this as well > @JBurt0520 said: > Anyone have experience with the 7X? I’m looking to pick up the Ventus Black to replace my current setup on my M6 (currently using the stock Atmos Black - Non Tour version). It’s a 6X at 67g, I find it a bit whipy, and have issues constantly finding the center of the face. For context my swing speed is 115-125 range and I’m an athletic 200lbs. > > All my fellow players suggested I go to the 70g range, 78g of the Ventus Black 7X is just a bit intimidating and the 6X is 65g, less than the 67g I have now. I would love to try them ou
  7. what is the weight range of the shaft on the epic flash? 60? 70?
  8. Currently have X7's in my apex pros but was recently thinking about giving the x100's a shot. Couldn't find a recent thread comparing the two so I figured I start one up. Has anyone gone from one to the other? Any feedback here would be much appreciated!
  9. the back of the vokeys vary a bit depending on which grind. you can see the differences on their site. https://www.vokey.com/wedges/sm7.aspx?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgIv335Ke4wIVtf_jBx2GKwULEAAYASAAEgK6bPD_BwE
  10. > @Makidebinens said: > > @cardoustie said: > > Wedge flex is a DG s200 with Vokey > > so if my wedge doesn't have a brand label on the shaft, only has the label "Wedge Flex", it is a DG S200? Correct. if you scroll to the bottom of the page on the link below you can see the details https://www.titleist.com/golf-clubs/wedges/sm7
  11. I was debating the CF19 3 iron or the UT21* as well but I went with the UT. I cant comment on the CF19 but I can confirm the UT most definitely launches low.
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