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  1. This is true. I just received a response from Ping about this, that they tip all drivers out of the factory 1", where as a three wood out of the factory is not tipped at all.
  2. Got a few things to sell... 1) Jet Black Vokey SM8 60 degree - 12*D grind. Has a KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 115 shaft and tour velvet grip. 35-1/4". Used for 2 range sessions and 5-6 rounds, still in great shape. $115 $100 Shipped lower 48. 2) Aldila Rogue Silver 70 - 3.1 Stiff with TM adapter. No additional tipping from stock. Measures 42-3/8" from end of grip to tip of adapter. $80 $70obo shipped lower 48. 3) Project X HZRDUS Yellow Smoke with TM adapter. No additional tipping from stock. Measures 42-1/4" from butt(no grip) to tip of adapter. $100 $90
  3. That is what I think about the Ventus black too. I do hit the ball very high, so would likely try out the lower launching shafts, but will definitely keep an eye out for your suggestions to try too. Thanks!
  4. Good to know. Just got a smoke yellow to try out, will see how it goes. Thanks!
  5. Thank you for that suggestion, will add to the list to try!
  6. Been playing a G400 LST 8* for 3 years now, still feels so good!
  7. Am thinking Ventus black, atmos TS black or maybe even hzrdus yellow.
  8. I do understand that idea and feeling, I just cannot feel confident with a swing if I can't feel the shaft. Appreciate the feedback.
  9. I've definitely been getting a lot of Ventus black suggestions. Will start to look for one of those I think. Thanks!
  10. I've got that in the utility and love it! Might need something to launch lower in the 3 wood though!
  11. Thanks for the input, will add to the list of options...
  12. I do have a buddy that works at Haggin Oaks, may give them a try. Finally able to get down for a fitting! Thanks!
  13. Thanks for that info! Finally getting around to this!
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