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  1. I like to brine, season, and fry. Fell in love with the flavor and juiciness after one of my friends' dad did this every year growing up on our annual dirt bike trip. I used an electric fryer for the first time last year and it worked pretty well. Takes away all the risk of starting an oil fire.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions! Definitely have a few things to try. Wouldnt I want to drive it from the tip towards the butt? Seems safer that way.
  3. Yeah good point, I was just here to help with the interpretation...the reasoning is a different and I have no idea.
  4. Yeah I've already been further than an inch. Clubs were built by Callaway so...
  5. Is drilling the way to go? Worried about nicking the walls of the shaft.
  6. A couple of the holes in the tip are tiny. And will I be able to knock it the epoxy out?
  7. Not a bad suggestion. Do I need to heat up the shaft/epoxy first?
  8. He said BY ITSELF indoors WITHOUT a net. Meaning you're not going to get much use out of it without those two things...I think you're trolling yourself haha.
  9. I have a set of MMTs that were pulled from a set built by Callaway. I'm prepping the tips for install into a new set of heads and I noticed that the epoxy is pretty deep up the shaft...to the point that my drill bit still hasn't unplugged it and I'm at the full length of the bit. Any tips on how I can get the epoxy out? The drill is making me nervous since I don't want to screw up the shaft but I cant figure out any other way to get it out. This is on multiple shafts...
  10. You're correct and TXG mentioned that multiple times in their review.
  11. Beat me to it. Couple shots where Trackman and Quad differed with shot shape and carry distance with driver.
  12. Went from full set of previous gen T200s to a T200/100S combo set. I got along pretty well with my previous set but I was mainly after less offset and a more compact head. The new t-series line really delivered on all fronts.
  13. Agree with everything you said here. Played a couple weeks ago and one of the best for the price, especially if you’re an Anne Arundel county resident or Mil.
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