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  1. Concur with this. Pleasantly surprised with GG in Columbia’s work. I’ve had them do a few things over the last few weeks (loft/lie adjustment, new grips on 13 clubs, cut down a driver) and all was good. Reasonably priced too.
  2. Second this. He fitted me for my irons a few months ago. Will be seeing him again shortly for my driver/woods. Highly recommended. He fits using trackman outside so you get the numbers and can see ball flight for validation. Only downside is it's off mats, but he knows what the numbers should be to compensate, just cant get the turf interaction portion.
  3. Ive been debating going to them for a driver/woods fitting so thank you for this. Last time I was there I saw their selection and it piqued my interest. Just a little worried about the quality of the fitting.
  4. I’m currently taking lessons with Mark (12month program) and I can’t recommend him enough. If you want an instructor who uses tech he’s your guy. Trackman for every lesson and video review of the lesson and practice goals sent to your phone before you get to the car. He’s got a couple other toys coming online. I like his philosophy and has been instrumental in the improvements I’ve seen in my game this year. He is pricey, but you’re going to pay for quality instruction. He’s a younger guy, and his coaching style suits me and my game. I’d try him out especially if he’s closer.
  5. It might’ve been. I know we passed a twosome pushing but didn’t pay attention to the hole. Pin on 1 was in a tough spot especially if you missed right.
  6. Agreed about the conditions, great shape. Was out there this morning as well. Played 1-4 before my group decided to call it quits. Passed a twosome pushing on our way in, wonder if that was you? Pro shop gave us a rain check for the amount we paid, so basically played 4 holes for free.
  7. jak77

    Lie Angle

    Thank you sir.
  8. jak77

    Lie Angle

    I’m sure this has been covered, but couldn’t find specifically what I was looking for after a search. I recently purchased a set of irons that are 1 deg up. I’m taking them to golf galaxy to get bent back to standard, but I don’t want to tell the club guy to just bend them 1 flat. I’d like to give him the exact angles he needs to get them to. Just to make sure I’m getting this right because I’ve seemed to have put my brain in a pretzel thinking about this. Let’s say the current lie angle is 63 degrees, then one degree flat would be 62 degrees? Conversely one degree upright
  9. 32. 11 hdcp. 175 carry. Was fit into the T200 after head to head with the P790. PX LZ 6.5 for the shafts. 4-PW. Liked the feel and turf interaction better with the T200 over the 790s. I really like the feel of the 4-7. 8-PW not as much. Those don’t have the foam like the 4-7 and for whatever reason don’t like the feel of those as much. If I had to do it again I would probably do 4-7 T200 and 8-PW T100s. I think that would be a great combo but of course feel is so personal. But if I’m being honest I probably need the help the T200 offers. Go hit them and get fit and trust the fitter
  10. Came here to say this.
  11. This. Its most likely the chromium used in the tanning of most leathers. Ask me how I know this.... I've been dealing with a similar issue for 8 months. I had similar blisters/bumps that the OP had that started in February during a round in Hawaii, except mine were pretty much on the back of my left hand and oddly on the top of the feet (will get to that later). At first I thought it might be excema blisters as I get them infrequently during seasonal changes. After a couple weeks of the standard cream, it wasnt going away and getting worse (still golfing with glove during this
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