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  1. I saw Janie play at a Symetra event in 2017. While following her one round, I met her mom and chatted with her a while. She was fun to watch and could really bomb it. At the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship this year, I decided to follow Janie for part of a round and ran into her mother again. We had a very interesting conversation about life on tour and she was happy to answer any questions I had. Never got to meet Janie, but if she’s anything like her mom, she’s a really cool gal. I’m a fan and hope she does well but she’s got to step up her game a bit I’m afraid.
  2. LPGA.com tournament schedule has links for ticket purchases to a number of tournaments. I followed one of the links for a tournament I was hoping to attend this summer. It allowed me to add tickets to my cart, but I did not check out. I was surprised to see this. Are they allowing spectators for tournaments now?
  3. Well that’s just great. Only 1.5 hrs away and I’m guessing it will be closed to spectators.
  4. I see there is a new tournament scheduled October 22-25 in Greensboro, GA. Does anyone have any details on this? Is this just a one-time replacement since the Asian swing was cancelled or will this become a regular event?
  5. I own several pairs of DryJoys in 10.5M and when I tried on the TourX the 10M fit perfect. I couldn’t justify another $200 at the time, but they felt incredible and will be the next pair I purchase.
  6. I see we have the same taste in lawn ornaments!
  7. The link above is still showing $450. Does that include the brackets to convert your cart or is it just the unit itself?
  8. Spending some time shadowing a superintendent is a good idea. I have a turfgrass degree from Clemson. Like many college students, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do when I entered college, so I chose turfgrass because golf was the only thing I was passionate about at the time. After a couple of summer internships I was beginning to question my path, but I was so far into it, I didn’t want to change course at that point and finished my degree. Then I went to work at a prestigious course that hosts a PGA tournament each year. After about 5 months I was honest with myself and realized I just liked to play golf, not work on a golf course. There is a HUGE difference. Yes, the free golf was great, but the longer I was there the less I found myself wanting to play. I left the business and have been doing something totally unrelated for 26 years. You may find you love it, but being passionate about golf does not mean you will be passionate about the work.
  9. I hope there is a fix for this soon. It’s driving me nuts.
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