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  1. I dont know if the request for elaboration was to imply anything against Dana. I am certainly interested in CH3's thoughts as I had seen much media over the changes he had made under Dana. Now I want to see before and after pics/vids.
  2. Apologies, I quoted because I also didnt find anything. As for all the other stuff people are putting up for or against one another, this tribalism is nothing new. Remember the raging debates starting from golfopinions.com to now re Leadbetter, Golf Machine, hitting v swinging or handle dragging, kinematic sequencing, lateral move, how to shallow, straightening right leg, how the spine works, swing plane etc etc etc. Throw SnT into the bunch. I do want to say one thing for SnT though, it has put its facts out there for peer review. Very few others have gone as far as to quantify and catalog to the same extent. SnT is an exhaustive set of laws that has held up to intense scrutiny by all and sundry. In science and business, this process should be and is rightly commended.
  3. I cant find it on Andy's FB page. But I did find some reference of Charles Howell III working with Andy? I thought he was with Grant Waite and Dana Dahlquist. Links to a story?
  4. I actually think he does. I'll ask him and DM you. Re online, know before hand if you want a technician for an overhaul or just want to PLAY better golf. Nothing worse than not getting what you are after.
  5. For those who still believe this idea, when I get around to it I'll put up some long clubs numbers of my 17 year old. He is not allowed to hit driver at home course range anymore. 320 carry to the patrons hitting from opposite end of range and 350 to car park. Check, check and then some. Hence no more drivers.
  6. As per the previous post, my personal experience is with Matt DeJohn. Awesome, knowledgeable and trust me, patient.
  7. Matt DeJohn (IG : Mattdejohngolf). Matt got his SnT first hand over a long period of time from Mike and Andy. In my humble opinion Matt is as good as it gets amongst the young guys, SnT or not. So good that I sent my kids around the world to train full time with him at his academy; but not before we talked swing, golf and generally life for well over a year. Yes, sorry, I'm kinda that type of dad. And yes, he's that patient and good a coach/human being. Steve Giuliano (IG : SGGolfing) doesnt exactly hang the SnT shingle up, but make no mistake, he is neck deep in it and incredibly knowledgeable re SnT (and all sorts of stuff like Aimpoint). Andreas Kali. Powerhouse SnT. If you are in or willing to goto Denmark, he's your guy. His facilities just didnt have the infrastructure to house kids and its a short summer in Denmark. He personally said flat out that Matt DeJohn is the only guy he would send his kids to if they wanted to do the boarding/training thing in America. Those 3 are my personal experiences with SnT. I mean one cant exactly go wrong if they book Mike Bennett or Andy Plummer, can they?
  8. So my boy’s coach brought in a ringer yesterday. Mike Bennett, co founder of SnT, who then proceeded to work with my boys for over 2 hours. Whatever people want to say, they cannot say he is one who doesn’t give back. Teaching, videoing, adjusting, demonstrating, explaining etc for hours to two kids. Who does that? Take a bow Mr Bennett, you helped inspire two kids to be the best versions of themselves in the days to come. For this, I thank you. Re SnT itself, a friend and prominent Australian coach in Asia said the following to me:- I think the more one understands it, the less you label it. Pressure can move, spine behaves specific ways etc…
  9. Here is my 17 year old’s SnT swing when going 70% whilst working some technical details. I don’t think there’s much need for the debates that keep taking place. The motion seems fairly orthodox for what’s taking place on tour these days. Sure there are some sequence differences, but no reverse pivots or moves that ruin spines. VID_49830616_171315_020.mp4
  10. So heres what a PGA tour player who won after adopting SnT explained to me. It encouraged me to see SnT and golf in a different light. No more endless debates on minutiae.
  11. Not here to argue. My 14 yr old (August 31st) and his supposedly SnT swing from a couple of days ago. I should probably mention it’s partially a drill. IMG_8285.MP4
  12. Feel free to DM me, but the 35-45 per shaft I’ve been quoted is more than I am willing to spend. Any guidance in the right direction would be very helpful. I know it may be snake oil. But I thought I might try at least once and see. We are in florida. Thanks all.
  13. Just wanted to ask if its normal for the cobalt pure roll insert to basically lose colour and look badly banged up? We have had it 6 months and due to various lockdowns, have only putted it on practice greens and indoor carpets. Any insight would be grateful.
  14. May I ask where Stack n Tilt fits into the whole MORAD scheme of things? Is it a push draw pattern within MORAD?
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