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  1. Like the title says, I just came across a set of both the 701 and 701G brand new. What are these worth nowadays?
  2. Just wanted to ask if its normal for the cobalt pure roll insert to basically lose colour and look badly banged up? We have had it 6 months and due to various lockdowns, have only putted it on practice greens and indoor carpets. Any insight would be grateful.
  3. May I ask where Stack n Tilt fits into the whole MORAD scheme of things? Is it a push draw pattern within MORAD?
  4. He is leaning the 718 cb, mainly because it is readily available.
  5. Can I trouble you to guide me towards new old stock Mizunos? I'd love to see what is available.
  6. The titleist 718 cb is 850 usd, which is just ok. Problem is I need to find a home for the project x lz shafts that he hates.
  7. Thank you. We are starting with the PING chart.
  8. Watching the classifieds with great intent right now.
  9. Thank you. Will definitely show him. He is right now leaning towards some Titleist 718 CB's that dont cost too much more than that.
  10. The idea is to choose a head and then try a few different shafts. Re forged one piece, my boy is getting some crazy flights out of strong lofted, multi piece constructions. Re fitting, it just costs too much. He kinda leaning towards Titlest 718 CB and they are being offered somewhat cheap comparatively.
  11. Very nice wedges. Wide flange and more bounce than industry standards. Alot of unusual grinds where the placement of low point of bounce is well considered. Only thing that turns me off alittle is the whole "everyone is wrong and only I, David Edel, gets the entire picture" shtick. My 2 cents, fwiw.
  12. So my boys is now 6'4 at 16 yrs of age. He just cracked the face of his G410. Now his 716 Ap-1 forged (Korea edition) is really dying a rapid death too. Looking to goto something like a one piece forged CB. No need for latest and greatest. Unless I'm wrong, forged players CBs don't change much in tech. All suggestions are very welcome. Only thing is price is sensitive and I'd like to buy brand new. Ideally heads only because we really need to do some testing re shafts. Thank you in advance.
  13. Thanks all. I do still have the club. I will give them a call and see what they say. Hope I have a decent follow up regarding their service.
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