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  1. What of head weights? Do they all match so one can expect uniform swing weights?
  2. There are a few specials running around with PXG and I have been thinking about a combo set of the Gen 4 blades with the T model. Anyone attempted this? Do the loft progression permit this? I know they can be bent, but I really would like to see how the offset, bounce and leading edge behaves when lofts are altered before I go down this road. Would much prefer a seamless transition. Thanks all.
  3. My friend snuck out a set of tour X for my boy before I head back to the states. My elder boy left a couple of months ago with a set of S+ $-tapers. But he's been lazy and only got them SST pured; not even shafted them up yet. They will be going up in the classifieds when he gets off his a** cause he wants to play what my friend got for me. Backlog is "insane" was the word my friend used.
  4. Strong pass. The word scumbag comes to mind. All good till life throws a curve ball. Then...
  5. Thanks for the advice so far. Apologies, I forgot to mention I have 2 boys. Original post has now been edited.
  6. Completely new to the American junior golf scene. Boys who are 14 and 17 have relocated back to Florida after years in Asia. We need some help navigating what tours or tourneys to join and play. There's seemingly alot tooting their own horn. Many thanks.
  7. If one was to like this shaft in a TX for driver, what GD shaft may be suitable for a 3 wood?
  8. I would like to get a set, but there is very limited shaft choices. None of which are to my liking.
  9. Have good access to KBS shafts, so I am wondering what would be the KBS equivalent of Dynamic gold X-100? Is there even such a thing? Thanks all.
  10. Two things caught my eye. 1/ Bryson uses driving irons in his one length 4 and 5 irons. Even at his speed, this is needed to launch the ball at comparable heights to regular lengthed 4 and 5 irons. So what does this mean for the regular folk using one length sets and the long irons are NOT of the driving iron style? Me thinks shorter and lower bullets. 2/ Bryson's thoughts on end of range when he putts is worthy of trial. Does he do the same for regular shots?
  11. I have an opportunity to get a decent deal on Callaway rangefinders. Does anyone have any information or experience with them? Are they any good? As good as Bushnells or NIkon or Leupold? Thank you.
  12. Some people asking about good and dedicated SnT / golf coaches. Here’s a tiny bit of why I think Matt DeJohn deserves all the recognition and praise that goes his way. He is with my 14 year old son in the video. The man seriously works his a** off on the practice grounds and then follows the team out onto the course. Funnily enough Matt has my son really focused on speed generation. This should burst some preconceived notions. FullSizeRender.mov
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