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  1. The BGT shaft gave the putter a more muted feel. It didnt really change the roll off center hits but definitely helped on miss hits (like its supposed to). My main thing with the BGT shaft was trying to find a good balance point, with the SS (roughly 55 grams) and no counter weight the putter was way to head heavy and felt really off. Once I put the 25 gram counter core weight in it the putter felt way better. If you can find a good balance point for you the shaft felt better than the stock one IMO.
  2. The Cobra has a little more "click" to it but feels softer than the SIK. Even though the SIK is a smaller head than the Cobra the ball jumps off the face a bit faster. They both feel nice in different ways, need to play the Cobra a few more rounds to really get a good feel for it.
  3. Went to a few different stores and was able to try out most of the putters in the new line, I ended up buying the Agera. Not in love with the looks but couldn't beat the accuracy of it. I do with the top was a darker color but its really easy to line up and for a heavier putter it doesn't feel like one. I ended up cutting mine down to 33 inches as that's what I play and replaced the grip with a Super Stroke SS2R. Took it out last night and really enjoyed it! The SIK face feels different than my SIK Sho putter but puts a great roll on the ball and is consistent even on miss hits.
  4. Definitely interested, send me a DM with some pictures and specs and we can chat!
  5. Selling my Sik Sho C plumbers neck putter. Has been gamed for a few rounds but looking to go back to a face balanced putter. - SOLD PLEASE CLOSE - - It plays a little over 33”. - Comes with stock grip on it and stock headcover included. If you have any questions just ask!
  6. If you go with the Tour it wont change the weight of the putter much. It is within 5 grams total with the new shaft in mine. At first it felt more muted and I wasnt a fan but after playing a few rounds I really started to like it and the miss hits definitely stay on line better. I would highly suggest one! I was told that if you go with the standard shaft and not the tour it wont feel as good as that shaft is stiffer than the Tour, I havent tested it though so I cant weigh in on that one.
  7. I've been playing a SIK Sho for a few weeks and am really enjoying it. I was fit to one and since it has come in I have gotten rid of most of my other putters (a Scotty 5.5, Scotty 11.5 and a Taylormade Spider X) as the feel off the face and roll is better IMO. My build up is the Sho with plumbers neck, stability tour shaft and Super Stroke Tour 2.0 grip with 25 gram weight in it. The weight of the head being at 370 grams took a little to get used to and I had to add the counter weight to get the feel just right. Before I put the SS on it, I was using an Iomic mid size grip at 75 grams which f
  8. My putter came in yesterday, only been able to roll it on my practice green but so far it feels awesome! Going to try to take it out tomorrow after work and cant wait. Will post an update if I can get out.
  9. When I was going through the used clubs at my local shop I saw an old Futura X that was such a deal that I bought it thinking it would just go in the collection and not be played... put it in my bag this morning just to say I had used it once and ended up really liking it. The only down side is that the headcover is showing its signs of age and the velcro is not holding well anymore. I want to grab an aftermarket headcover for it but am worried that whatever I buy wont fit the large head. Anyone know of a company that makes ones that will fit it?
  10. I put a Lamkin deep etched on my 5.5 and am really enjoying it. Its roughly 5 grams lighter than the stock grip and you can definitely feel the difference, makes the club feel a little more stable for me.
  11. Anyone have hands on with an 11.5? I was able to roll the 11 when I picked up my 5.5 and really liked the feel of it but I tend to like something with a little bit of toe hang like the 5.5. I cant seem to find the amount of toe hang that the 11.5 has and no shops near me have one.
  12. Im in the same boat, I just picked mine up and love the putter head and feel but hate the grip. Just not a fan of the large heel, thinking about putting a Lamkin deep etched or going full JT and putting the SS Pistol GT Tour on, having a hard time deciding! What SS grip did you go with?
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