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  1. > @phatchrisrules said: > As an aside, anything over length in Mizuno gets built with the B heads, which are lighter and more upright naturally. So I agree with your rep --- they didn't do anything wrong here. **You have to specify A heads if you want heavier over length clubs. The person you placed the order with should have known that.** I don't agree with this. If I order something over length and request a D3 swingweight, Mizuno should know how to build that configuration and should use whatever parts necessary (A or B heads, tips weights, etc.) to accommodate that order. It s
  2. > @howellhandmade said: > What was the equipment used to measure on your end? And the measurements were relative to what? Standard L/L/L can vary by manufacturer, and I think Mizuno standard is a degree flatter than some others. Having measured some irons and having watched the process, it’s not a cut-and-dried deal to get a reliable number, at least with the standard equipment you see in most golf shops. That said, Mizuno irons (the forged ones anyway) are very easy to bend, and if you trust your local guy more than Mizuno, having him do the bending would be a quick route to what you w
  3. Has anyone had any issues with ordering clubs and getting the wrong specs? I placed an order with Mizuno - 1/2" long, 1* strong, 1.5* upright, D3 swing weight. Clubs arrived and felt off after about 1 bucket of balls. Got them measured and saw lofts from 1* strong to 2* weak (5 iron measured at 29* instead of the ordered 26), lie angle was only .5* upright throughout, and swingweights right around D1. Mizuno offered to check the specs and said they had to remove the heads to see if they could achieve a D3 swing weight. This doesn't make sense because the clubs are already 1/2" long - this shou
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