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  1. It measures club speed but the numbers are all over the place. It then uses the flawed club speed to calculate smash factor, which has led to some ridiculous figures -- which is why I pushed for (and they sent me) a second unit. It's a known limitation of the launch monitor and is why their new unit uses reflective stickers. The ball speed is apparently extremely accurate, though; both units performed identically and the system self-calibrates during setup, so other than not being able to provide me with club head speed to sanity check, the system doesn't appear to be the issue. Thanks for all the thoughts.
  2. The primary shortcoming of the Uneekor QED system is its club measurement is garbage, as is the case with most overhead monitors (had to get a permanently mounted overhead monitor so my very young children didn't destroy it like they destroy everything else in our home). I've actually had two units -- I sent the first one back because club head speed was all over the place, but that's just a weakness of the unit (which they're addressing in future units with reflective stickers like Foresight's systems use). The ball measurement is extremely accurate, though -- lots of guys have compared to GC2/Quad/Trackman. I think the point you're getting at is accurate club head speed can determine if there's something seriously wrong with smash factor; and, unfortunately, I don't have a great clubhead speed measurement that isn't 20 years old.
  3. Thanks guys. I actually have club data through Uneekor -- not AoA but launch angle (usually 11-13 degrees) and spin (1700-2400 rpm). Driver carry tends to be 255-265 on solid contact, which, candidly, seems a little high for the level of ball speed -- but also seems low for someone who doesn't have difficulty carrying a 5-iron 205. Uneekor is on par with GC2/Trackman in terms of accuracy of ball measurement, so I don't think I can blame the monitor. I'm experienced enough to know where on the face I'm hitting it (and Uneekor shows video of impact), so I don't think it's a contact issue. Plus, I've hit enough balls that at least a few measurements would be in the vicinity of my theoretical max for my equipment/swing. Guess I'm just wondering whether some people have tighter swing/ball speed ranges through the bag (for whatever reason) rather than more traditional gaps, and/or whether it could just be a dead driver head and/or terrible head/shaft fit. Sounds like these are all possibilities. Need to get to a fitter once this madness ends...
  4. I was a good high school player in the late '90s, but a demanding job and young family derailed my game for about 20 years. Since I don't have much time to play, I installed a Uneekor QED system at home and have been hitting a ton of balls. Seeing as how little ball measurement technology existed when I played previously, I'm just seeing my numbers for the first time, and I'm confused by some of the gapping between irons and woods. My 6-iron ball speed is 128-130 and I'm at 138-142 with a 3-iron, but my driver ball speed seems to max out at 154 (and is often 151-152). The only chart I've seen suggests speeds should be quite a bit higher with a driver (on a relative basis), so I'm wondering if this level of gapping is normal and/or whether it's likely an equipment or swing issue. Given the pandemic, I haven't been able to get professionally fitted, but I'm hitting Callaway Rogue Pro irons with KBS Tour V x-stiff shafts and a Ping G400 LST 8.5 driver with a Ping 65 Tour 65 x-stiff shaft. Any thoughts on whether this is normal and/or within the range of possibility would be helpful. Thanks.
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