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  1. Can you post a clearer picture of the TS3 at address?
  2. Wish Scotty made the OTR phantoms with that sight line. I’d prob have at least one or two if so... putters are GLWS
  3. The Dunes Club is pure. Played it 2 years ago and really would like to get back!
  4. Played there Saturday. I don’t expect there to be nonmember play based on the conversations I had with the staff. I’m assuming all the cabins they put in are for members to stay and play. When I asked about any type of rain check before the round since the forecast didn’t look great, I got a “we’re going private, so nothing we can do” type response. Which makes me believe you’re gona have to be or know a member going forward
  5. Just info on the course and any other “know before you go” type things. I did know about all the construction and range. Thanks for the hole by hole info though. That will be helpful
  6. Playing Dormie Saturday for the first time (and probably last) through Tobacco Road on a trip package. Any thing specific to know before playing?
  7. I played the LZ 6.5s and then went LZ 6.0 in the wedges. I’m not really a fan of the s400. I’d maybe try soft stepping the 6.5 LZs?
  8. For steel, heat it up and then sand paper
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