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  1. True to size for me. I get the same size as normal Jordan’s that I wear. The spikes are a little snug but I like my spikes like that
  2. I’ve found that the 10* bounce on the Vokey S grind works for me. Works well for me out of the bunker and also on chips/full shots.
  3. TV plus4 for me. Always likes the standard TV but I gave the plus4 version a try last season and really like the added thickness on the bottom hand
  4. Looks like a spider.. if this comes with different face insert option I think it can be really popular
  5. 3 wood. Debated doing to a 4 or 5 but I like the option to use it off the tee so the additional distance with the 15* vs a higher loft makes more sense for me. Plus if I’m hitting into a par 5, very rarely do I need to fly it all the way there. Usually it’s going to have to run up, so having a lower loft allows more of that
  6. 14 is plenty. I enjoy the strategy behind figuring out which 14 make the cut. Would be good for the equipment industry if you upped that number but would it be good for the game? At the average golfer level who cares how many clubs you use, but for pros, they don’t need more options than they already have
  7. My 915fd 3 wood has been in my bag since it came out. Favorite club in my bag. Interested to see if the new TSi fairways can kick it out of the bag or not
  8. Does anyone happen to know about what the headweight is of the TSi3 15* 3 wood with the standard weight used? Thank you!
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