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  1. I haven’t found a bucket hat that’s any cooler. These are initially intended for water enthusiasts so the dri fit material is not bothered when wet. When it’s really hot out, 105°+, I soak mine a couple of times throughout the round, which further helps.
  2. I went down the very road you are contemplating. I use a 388 gram Ketsch head. They can be more challenging to find, but they are out there. The 350 gram version is way too light. My club guy bent it to 7 degrees loft and more upright (I can’t remember how much but it was quite a bit. I’m not upright in a conventional putter.) At first, a shaft extension was used on the stock steel shaft. It was fine on shorter putts but on longer putts it was a wet noodle. I sent it in to BGT and they installed their armlock shaft and it’s a total game changer. Better in every way; balance, tempo
  3. jas904

    RADAR Blades

    Miura forged, improved a 18 handicap’s ball striking...man I’ve got to get me a set.
  4. Once you experience ABC technology (look it up) it will make every pair of pants in your closet irrelevant. I have a few pairs of Commissions but I mainly wear ABC Classics. They will change your life. Really.
  5. Here's a thread about them. I had a not so great experience, but ultimately ended up getting my product. It seems they may have become worse since my purchase. I will say however, the headcovers themselves are great material and quality. With that said, I still would not recommend them and would never purchase from them again.
  6. Do I like my Radspeed? Yes Is there anything wrong with it for my game? No Do I have the itch to try something new? Yes So here I am. I would much rather trade, but only for one very specific item, a Titleist TSi2 9* or 10*. Please DO NOT offer me anything else for trade. I can add some cash since the retail of a Titleist is higher than the retail of a Cobra. We can do head only or entire club, depending on which shaft you have in your TSi2. My Cobra has a Project X RDX Blue 6.0, stock length, and a Tour Velvet with Arccos. Since I have to list a price, if you wan
  7. I looked for years for a set, finally found 3-PW M’s on the bay in great shape. I love to look at them. I’ve played a few rounds with them, but only on occasion for fun.
  8. There an entire thread devoted to Srixon wait times.
  9. My 5-PW KBS TGI 95 TV 360 arrived today. Still waiting on the ZX5 4 iron. Order was placed directly from Srixon on 3/15. I was initially told they would ship April 15 so they came a week earlier than expected. All specs are dead on. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to get out tomorrow (although there’s a slight chance) I will definitely take them on their maiden voyage on Friday. The head shape is far more attractive than my 765s.
  10. This thread needs to be pinned. Very helpful for a headcover connoisseur.
  11. There aren’t a lot of options. I’ve tried Superstroke and Jumbo Max. Jumbo Max in larger.
  12. I ordered on March 15 - ZX 5 4 iron, ZX 7 5-PW, KBS TGI 95 (exotic shaft), TV grips. I told them if the grips hold it up, ship without grips. I called last week and was told they will ship April 5 or 6. I called today for an update and was told this: Shafts should arrive April 8 or 9 THEY ARE OUT OF "SOME OF THE HEADS" AGAIN Heads should arrive April 13 or 14 Estimated ship date of April 19 or 20 Perhaps Srixon should change their generic message regarding ship and build times...
  13. I have not experienced this. I’ve got over 40 rounds on mine and driving range time on mine.
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