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  1. Yes, yellow was in my previous driver. I would say performance wise they are nearly identical, and feel in the blue is slightly smoother. I keep trying lots of shafts and always wind up being fit for a HZRDUS.
  2. 70° when I played today. I canceled my ZX7 order after being told my order didn’t get in prior to Srixon not accepting orders. I’ll wait to they come back in stock and order again then. I don’t hate my 765s, I was just looking forward to some fresh grooves.
  3. As much as I love the Radspeed driver, the 3 wood didn’t do it for me. Titleist TSI2 won out.
  4. Later today is my three wood shootout. The Titleist rep is setting up a demo day at my club. I picked up a Radspeed demo, so it will be Radspeed vs. my M3 vs. TSI 2/3. I rarely, if ever use three wood off the tee so I’ll be testing off the ground.
  5. I think it won’t be an issue. It gets firm in the summer where I am and my AoA isn’t that steep either. I don’t have an issue.
  6. 100% legit. They are local to me. When I was testing multiple graphite iron shafts he did all of the work.
  7. That shaft, ferrule, grip combo is really sharp looking!
  8. That was exactly my plan, until I noticed the same thing. The F3 6s is 68 grams according to their website, so it might be close enough. I’m going to demo one on the course this weekend to find out.
  9. Weight is in the back. When I tested it on Trackman with the weight in the front it spun too low, 1900-2000. The blue in the photo seems brighter than when I’m playing. At address it’s more subtle.
  10. I ordered mine on February 5th and it was delivered today, February 13th. Rad Speed Peacoat 9° RDX Blue with a tour velvet Arccos grip. Came hime from the golf course today and grabbed it and went out for 13 more holes. So far, we’re off to a good start. Could be the start of a meaningful relationship.
  11. I’ve tested just about every one mentioned. For me, KBS TGI was the runaway winner.
  12. I placed my order today. 4 iron ZX5, 5-PW ZX7, KSB TGI 95 shafts, TV 360 grips. I was very excited to see that Srixon is now offering KBS TGI for a modest upcharge. I paid a lot more to retrofit my 765s. I don't dislike my 765s, but its close to four years at 140+ rounds per year, so its time. Now that hard part, waiting.
  13. I finally got to hit the ZX7 today. Not sure Modus 120 is a good fit for me, but the clubhead is perfect in every way.
  14. I went for a fitting today and hit TM, Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Cobra. Order placed for Rad Speed 9° Peacoat/Red, RDX Blue, TV Arrcos grip. TSi2 was a close second but I hit the RDX Blue better than the black. Now the hard part, waiting.
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