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  1. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel HERE Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location HERE Danville, California 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Danville, California 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? I think that my irons need to be fit, the last set I bought without being fitted. And of course, who doesn't want a driver fitting? I was fit for my driver but the facility where I was fit didn't have a lot of aftermarket options.
  2. Something else to consider. The rule of iron number x 1000 may be outdated. Iron lofts are stronger now, so instead of 7,000 spin for a 7 iron, 6,000 is now considered “normal”. In addition, pay attention to your decent angle, spin is one way a green is held but decent angle can also accomplish the same. If you launch it really high with low spin it may not be a bad thing. I mention this because every time I get on a LM my iron spin numbers are quite low. On the course however I don’t have an issue holding greens, even when they are firm.
  3. I’ve known Bryson since he’s been in the 6th grade and remember him spinning balls in epsom salt. As far as Callaway, I have confidence that the new ball will be good. Like someone else said, probably more of a re-branding, I would guess. I’m a Chrome Soft X player now. I just hope they don’t get rid of Triple Track.
  4. 1. City, State? Fresno, California 2. Handicap? 0.3 3. Current hybrid or fairway wood? Callaway XR Pro 21° 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Epic Super Hybrid? I’ve been testing the 21° spot in my bag for years and haven’t found anything to knock out the oldest club in my bag. I’m super (pun intended) excited to give the Super Hybrid a go. More forgiving, higher launch, hotter face…I’m in! 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Absolutely.
  5. All 13 of my grips are the same. More importantly, I check the butt diameter and taper of the different shafts in my bag and use build up tape to account for any differences. When installing the grips I use a micrometer in three places to maintain consistent size and stretch down. I fully realize I have a sickness and am not normal.
  6. 1. City and State? Fresno, California 2. Handicap? 0.2 3. Current irons? Srixon ZX7 4. Current Iron Shafts? KBS TGI 95 hs 1 x 5. What weight KBS PGI shafts would you like to test? (50G-100G). 100G 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? absolutely
  7. Three shoulder surgeries and elbow tendinitis mean I will never play steel again. I’ve got graphite in driver to putter and am playing the best golf of my life.
  8. I just got back two weeks ago. I really enjoyed the Dunes course. I thought it was the most difficult and had the most interesting holes. Yes it's public, although the condition wasn't terrible for a public course. If views are important to you (I could care less), there aren't any. I teed off really early, second group. I tried to get out in front of a twosome that was the first group off but they were locals and the started wasn't having it. It turned out that after the second hole, I never saw them again, even though I played by myself and was done in 2:45. Amongst all of the trips to Maui I have played Kaanapali, three Kapalua courses (back when they had three), Wailea courses, King Kamehameha, Maui Nui. As far as fun factor on the course, The Dunes at Maui Lani is at the top of the list.
  9. You have the very best in the Bay Area @joey3108 Joe Kwok. Google him to get his website and Instagram.
  10. I was concerned, but no, not at all. I think it helped that they swingweight to D2. In fact, I started to think after the switch I wasn’t as tired late in the round.
  11. They aren’t. I tested the 95 and 115 and there was plenty of meat on the bone to sand it down. It’s no big deal for an experienced club maker
  12. I was a KBS steel player and went down the road of testing MANY graphite shafts due to three shoulder surgeries and tendinitis in my elbow. I also tried Pro Soft inserts which did nothing for me. I played Steelfiber 110's and really disliked them. Feel was non-existent and like others have mentioned getting them to the right swingweight is difficult. I also tried MMT, Fuji Pro, PX Catalyst, Recoil 95, 110, and 780, there is probably others. For a little over the past year I have played KBS TGI 95 hardstepped one time. For me they are the best by far. Performance wise they are very similar to KBS Tour, I can feel the clubhead, getting them to D2 was easy, and the transition to 95 grams was not difficult.
  13. Maybe there will be an emergency blade shaming vaccine.
  14. I did. I had a Smoke Yellow in a TaylorMade M4 and went to a Radspeed with RDX Blue. I would say performance wise they are very similar, but the RDX Blue feels smoother. I tested a bunch of shafts with the Radspeed and was prepared to pay for any aftermarket shaft but the RDX Blue fit me best.
  15. Shafts are VERY subjective. For me, Blue RDX - Best LM numbers, really easy to load, effortless GD XC - Felt very boardy, didn’t know where the clubhead was AV White - Spun a lot, dispersion was all over the place, gave up on that one quickly
  16. Here’s a list that @Jota_Jota created. It should keep you busy for awhile.
  17. I have the 3.0s and I love them. Just bought another 56. Grooves were worn on the first one.
  18. The best three wood is the one that fits you best. After testing on the course and getting fit, the TSi 2 was the best for me. It may not be the best for you though.
  19. I have had three shoulder surgeries. I pushed a Clic Gear for the last 9 years at my club, which is a flat, easy walk. I got a great deal on a almost new Alphard and am absolutely amazed about how much better my shoulders feel after not pushing. I would have never thought that pushing a cart (which seems relatively benign) was detrimental to to my shoulders. Needless to say, I highly recommend it.
  20. Weird, I’ve never seen a straight crack that travels around 1/3 of the circumference of the ball from hitting a tree.
  21. There’s quite a few threads about this. I really like the XV’s performance but the cracking/seam issue is a deal breaker for me. I just polished off my stash and am testing multiple candidates.
  22. Did you sign up for the Bridgestone email? Yes 3. What Bridgestone golf balls do you want to win? Tour BX 5. US Open final score prediction (Doesn't change odds of winning)? -5
  23. I haven’t found a bucket hat that’s any cooler. These are initially intended for water enthusiasts so the dri fit material is not bothered when wet. When it’s really hot out, 105°+, I soak mine a couple of times throughout the round, which further helps.
  24. I went down the very road you are contemplating. I use a 388 gram Ketsch head. They can be more challenging to find, but they are out there. The 350 gram version is way too light. My club guy bent it to 7 degrees loft and more upright (I can’t remember how much but it was quite a bit. I’m not upright in a conventional putter.) At first, a shaft extension was used on the stock steel shaft. It was fine on shorter putts but on longer putts it was a wet noodle. I sent it in to BGT and they installed their armlock shaft and it’s a total game changer. Better in every way; balance, tempo, strike location, speed control, etc. https://breakthroughgolftech.com/shopall/stability-arm-lock-shaft/ I also have a Jumbo Maxx arm lock grip, flat side against my arm. I’ve used this set up for over a year and haven’t found anything better.
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