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  1. Yea I haven’t bought anything in awhile that was shipped usps. I guess what I sent usps to California wasn’t as a big as a golf club either. It was my old binder of Pokémon cards lol
  2. Same here. USPS the best and fedex the worst now in Illinois. Just shipped something to California in 3 days
  3. Yea I was thinking about doing the 2 week demo on the zx5 when the weather gets nicer
  4. Yea that’s the one thing I’m missing is the hybrid since I’m inconsistent with the 2 iron off the deck. You’re gonna love the irons when you finally get to hit them at the course. I wanted to keep playing but it was only 42 and getting dark. Yea I switched off the whole round between his subzero and my 785. Surprisingly his subzero is very forgiving. That’s why I like it a little more than my 785. I need to get lessons for my driver swing cause like I said, the 785 is very long when hit flush
  5. The driver is really nice. It’s very long when hit right. When I hit it flush, I’m like 15 yards longer than my twin brother and his mavrik subzero. I find it a little unforgiving though so I should’ve went with the 585. The f85 is the longest 3 wood I’ve ever hit. Very easy to hit off the deck. I got out yesterday to play and never got a chance to even hit the zx4. I did hit every zx5 iron though and I loved them. I didn’t play very good but all my miss hits were just a couple yards short of where they should’ve went. They felt amazing when hit right. And I hear everyone talk about the v sole
  6. 2005 freshman year of high school when I started golfing. Acuity box set ( I think? Dicks brand back then). My dad bought them for me. First set I paid for by myself, Nike sumo irons
  7. Spieth falling apart the last two holes
  8. Thanks! I was thinking of trying the demo program they have to try it out
  9. I broke it at the 8 iron so zx4 4-7 and zx5 8-aw. The zx4s are set to match the zx5 lofts. I tried the zx7s but I couldn’t hit them consistently. I have a 2 year old and another on the way in July so I don’t get out nearly as much. The zx4s are a little chunky but they don’t bother me. I could use the help in the long irons. I played vapor pro combo before these
  10. Thanks! Zx4 4-7, zx5 8-aw. zx4 lofts bent to match the zx5 lofts
  11. Just received my zx4/5 combo set. Can’t wait to go play Friday!
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