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  1. Does anyone know what current mavrik iron would be closest to this iron? My brother needs new clubs and was hitting the xr16 os irons really good. He likes the looks of the mavrik irons. He hit the regular mavriks today but they didn’t have the max irons. He doesn’t need the stronger lofts. He found a really good deal on eBay for the max that he wants to buy and doesn’t want them to sell before he tries the max. To me it looks like they resemble the max Thanks
  2. Sorry if I missed it but does anyone know what driver matsuyama is using? Thought it was the zx7 bit it looked a little different
  3. Are we all in agreement that these are coming out in the spring and not this September?
  4. sorry if I missed it but do we know how much a Standard combo set will cost? Will it be $1000 like the 785,585 combo? Or is that a sale price? I’m looking to get new irons and my budget is $1000. If I can get the new ones for that then I’ll just wait until they come out. Thanks!
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