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  1. Been using them for 5 years. Great irons for turf interaction, shot shaping, strike feedback and looks. i’m about to move to Titleist T100 because I like how they have a little more tech and tungsten out towards the toe. But MP25’s will stay as a back up and hand me down to my boy.
  2. I’m not able to play comp much, but can sneak 6-9 holes of practice in here and there. Not worried about reducing handicap until I can play more (kids ??). Question: I could easily live without a putter and just belly my 58*. Feel like I putt better that way anyway. Anyone not using a putter at all??? Thinking Driver, 22* Sim hybrid, 6 iron, 8 iron, PW and 58*
  3. Had a fitting for the SIM hybrid and there was a SIM driver 10.5 with stock Diamana stiff shaft. Had no interest in a new driver as my M5 was mint!!! Had a few swings and it was flying to the back of the range. Jumped on the trackman and was driving 250m carry (275 yards). M5 couldn’t get past 235. Switched shafts and heads around and nothing close to SIM with stock. Dispersion way tighter too. Next & final round with M5 was the best driving round I’ve ever had. Golf huh! ?? SIM is amazing. Going to get the 3 wood next.
  4. Had Mizuno MP-25’s for some time now. Flirted with TaylorMade P790’s after being seduced on trackman hitting off mats ??. Couldn’t take a divot to save myself with them on course. About to move into Titleist T100’s - turf interaction is a thing and they’re spectacular at it.
  5. Quick update to bump this thread back up the line.... I’ve got the 22* with stock Ventus stiff shaft (no upgrades etc here in Australia) Good club, not in love with mine yet... but confident I’ll grow to adore it. Had a Mizuno CLK 19* dialed to 20* previously. This thing goes much the same distance with a higher ball flight. Perfect for me. Mine never goes right, but in saying that I’ve not tried fading it on course yet. Contrary to earlier posts here I find it hooks easily with a poor swing. That’s my miss.
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