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  1. Thanks. Am i right in staying that that is not the countertop drill? When i do that, my clubface seems open relative to where it is in the countertop drill. Monte's right hand seems more on top in that drill?
  2. Working on the drills. What are peoples' thoughts on NTC vs the countertop drill? Is it forearm rotation and the arms lowering that get you from the initial cast to the position of the countertop ? Also, for those who leave the face open, would getting the leading edge of the club flush to the imaginary countertop be a good feel? E.g. extra lead wrist flexion.
  3. Thanks @msg. Could you give a quick overview of your routine?
  4. Thanks, that seems like maybe the way forward for me - any advice on pre-shot routines, or how exactly you use the score to focus (rather than scare) yourself?
  5. I've never been able to do that. It's automatic for me that i know where I stand vs par. I'll have to try something though!
  6. Golf really does bring out every emotion! This weekend i've played twice. Two tough par 72 courses. Playing off 12, i had a 39 on the front saturday, followed by a very scrappy 44 (which probably should have been higher). Today, I went out in 38 and came back in 51! Two trebles and 3 doubles. I know i should stay in the moment, focus on my routine etc. but i find it really tough to stay calm. I stop swinging the club and start steering it, particularly off the tee. Anyone got any advice for this situation? Feels like the only thing stopping me from being a 70s shooter is a mental block.
  7. Agreed they seem great value, I'm more concerned with not going down a rabbit hole where something might not be appropriate. Thanks for your thoughts. I've now watched Broom Force and seems great.
  8. Thanks @Lefty_3Jack. My club is exiting closer to mid-torso? Is this similar to swinging to "right field"? i've never had much luck with that, which I assumed was due to steepness in transition and/or open clubface.
  9. Thanks. I agree re. open clubface. Right of right is definitely my more usual miss despite a somewhat strong grip. I've bought Broom Force now and will probably get NTC too. Would you say that the cast in transition as Monte describes it on Youtube is a combination of realeasing the vertical hinge plus the motorcycle move to square the face? It definitely seems like that in Broom Force if the clubhead(Broom) is to get to the ground early and be in a position to sweep.
  10. Interesting, and thanks for taking the time to comment. So i need to get the club moving earlier? I get the "up" part i think and i assume the other two elements are away from the target and behind me somewhat, allowing the club to come from the inside? Does my somewhat laid off position effect this?
  11. Thanks everyone for the feedback, much appreciated! @RichieHunt - so i should feel more push away/(width?) throughout the backswing which should leave me with less work to do coming down to get my arms in position ?
  12. Thanks @xmanhockey7. I realise the cost is minimal. I just wanted to get some thoughts on whether it might be a productive path to take or whether there are other issues that first need fixing.
  13. Thanks. I wonder are all the subsequent issues a function of a steep transition? e.g. loss of posture. If i've understood correctly, NTC is focused on this transition element.
  14. Thanks! Haven't figured out what exactly I need to do. Is the cast element of NTC needed to make Broom Force work?
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