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  1. One of the few reporters out there that was worth a listen. R.I.P. Rosie.
  2. Shouldn't be surprising. Most players I run across are too busy trying to buy themselves a game, rather than trying to build one through hard work.
  3. BobMorris

    PNC 2021

    Congratulations to Big John and Little John on the win. Well played.
  4. This sure brings back memories. Used to watch him hit balls at Griffith Park. Truly amazing.
  5. As a silent film buff, I might be the only guy on the forum who got the Ben Turpin joke without having to scroll down for the picture. lol
  6. Junior Am's are majors now? Since when? 3 hours ago? I don't think you'll find a whole lot of support for your argument.
  7. That's some strange math there. Jack 18 professional majors / 2 US Amateurs = 20. Tiger 15 professional majors / 3 US Amateurs = 18. 20 > 18 Care to calculate again? Or are there some traditional majors I'm forgetting?
  8. If he wins #18...or especially #19, then you likely won't. Until then......
  9. I've run across quite a few valid reasons to complain about golf commentary on TV. Unfortunately, this isn't one of them.
  10. The very reason the fast-forward button was invented.... ".....and now, here's Jimmy Roberts"
  11. You got that right. I got through about an hour of that snoozefest, and couldn't take any more.
  12. I'm not criticizing him. He's free to do what he wants. Of course he'll bring eyes to the event that normally wouldn't tune in....which is the reason for it. But he's going to get worked. Those LDA guys are in an entirely different stratosphere. And they will be pumped to show just how big a gap it is.
  13. Whatever dude.....have a cognac.
  14. You make your own luck. He played MORE than good enough to win...and so he did.
  15. ....and that, as they say....is that! Well played Collin.
  16. Regarding Louie's malady, I can almost hear Bob Rosburg now: "He's absolutely dead". lol
  17. He's prone to that sort of thing. Happens way too often for a guy who can putt like he can.
  18. Go Louie. Up and down for another.
  19. Yes...the LA area was blessed with some of the very best. Vinny, Miller, Chick, and a very unsung Jim Kelly doing USC games. Once Lantz got acclimated, he and Chick made for an excellent team. Yup...I remember Torre on Angel games, and even further back, Dick Enburg.
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