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  1. So I’ve hit plenty of balls at top golf, Golf Galaxy, and plenty of other simulators. It’s hard to believe the numbers when you hit a ball up against a screen, just my own opinion. So going to an Outdoor Full Driving Range today in the Winter in the Midwest is Rare! It was almost 50 Today!!! So I got all the trackman numbers today and boy was I wrong about my distances!!!!! Especially the woods! I carry 5w, 3w, and Driver. All with Stiff shafts. My SS is about 108-110 with Driver. So I really wanted to Dial in my distances for my woods. Just the Carry Distance, total distance or rollout can a
  2. Where are you buying these cheap balls?
  3. I hit the Forged Callaway Apex 19’s today. I really liked the feel and the ball flight. If you haven’t hit them, I’d suggest giving them a try! Amazing! Problem is they are really expensive new and used. They didn’t have a Apex Forged 16 demo club. Which is in my budgets, And I can get a good deal on them. I just never hit them. Those who have hit both.... is there a big difference ? If I loved the 19’s will I love the 16’s? I know it’s a stretch to find the answers, but I figured I’d try. Thanks.
  4. when everything is synced up I can shoot low. But consistency is my biggest problem. My miss is a pull or hitting it thin, lifting up my chest or head. Had a teacher recommend this to me. To simplify my swing. What do you guys think? I’d appreciate any advice. A comparison with keeping the left arm on plane with shoulder like Ernie Els to shallow swing out. Idk if that will help or hurt. Haven’t tried it.
  5. I want to eliminate the left side of the golf course.
  6. I was at Top Golf The Other Night. Highly recommend! I cant get my ball to go left to right. Anyone know why?
  7. What are some of the key swing thoughts in your head before hitting Driver?
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