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  1. What?! A lot Of PGA golfers rip it every time but can’t putt and still on on pga tour. Rory can’t putt. But he can hit the ball as good as anyone
  2. He absolutely torched and mauled this past Ryder Cup. Everyone wants him back next time
  3. I want Fred Couples as a Captain So Bad! His calming and fierce attitude is perfect!
  4. Shells Wonderful World Of Golf. Seen him in Match Play Against Sam Snead. I swore he was on Green in Regulation Every Damn Whole. Every Drive Was down the Middle. Every Approach Close to the Pin. He Tore Up Snead. But, Snead looked Passed his prime. A little bit older.
  5. I know I’m late with this, but wow! The Young Stars we have to Punish The Europeans In Ryder Cups For Years to Come! I loved every second of last weekends Ryder Cup Domination!!! Loved it!!!! Best Golf Tournament by Far!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love all the majors and almost watch every tournament (thank god for DVR) but I’m torn when I see my favorite players all in contention to win, it’s like I want all of them to win. Well that’s exactly what the Ryder Cup is all about. I know in Europe Golf Is like a Religion there. And They are Obsessed with the Ryder Cup! Nothing bothers we more then European Golf Fans and some Players. It was Epic to watch USA beat Euro so bad that Mcilroy was in Tears! I just think the Euros are obnoxious and arrogant. They think their tour is on the same level as the PGA Tour. Same with Canadians. Don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t have hate for them. I just think they act like the spoiled stuck up rich kid. They are always bashing us anytime they get a chance anyway. Harrington Really s*** the Bed with this Team. Rory and Poulter first out ? They Got Moly Whopped! 50 year old Lee Westwood? I knew that was bad. Paul Casey got beat like a red headed step child, Fitzpatrick was an Embarrassment. Tommy Fleetwood? What happened to him? He was the next guy to win some majors 2 years ago. He got trucked l! I will say one thing. Jon Rahm is an absolute monster! World #1 , He showed the world exactly why he’s #1! Insane Talent ! Best putter out there ! Cantley, Colin, Sheff, JT, Speith, DJ, Bryson, Brooks. If I’m The Europeans I don’t even know I even bother showing up to Rome lol Anyone else think Harrington was to blame ? Agree with me about Westwood? Only thing I think Stricker messed up with was Harrish English. What’s all your thoughts? I’ll be curious to read everyone’s thoughts
  6. I agree. How can you say Tigers Driver set him apart from everything else ? Yes he could hit it far. Maybe 3 out of 10 times. Lol
  7. I agree. I think he’s going to be around a long time and in the mix for a lot of majors over the next 15 years.
  8. I’m a 80’ Baby. So to me, the Best ball striker of all Time to me growing up was Fred Couples. His driver swing appears to be practice swings hanging out by the tee box for his turn and they go 300-350 yards. Iron play and accuracy is legendary. If he had those skills to match up with his putter skills I think he would of won 10 major titles. Now here in 2021 I believe Rory still is the best ball striker. Even though his wins of late don’t show it., his driver and iron ability is Unmatched. But my question is this. “Moe Norman” he’s considering the best golf ball striker to ever live. I’ve never saw him play or really know much about him. Ive see his YouTube videos. He claims he hasn’t missed a fairway In 5 years on one video. Sounds to me the stuff of legends is probably exaggerated a bit. Hard to imagine keeping a player that good off the PGA, no matter what he did or only being a Canadian golfer. IMO if your goof enough to, they will get you on the biggest stage, and I. Front of all the to see. Sorry for the long post. I’m writing f this now because apparently there is a guy that knows everything there is to know about Moe Normans Golf swing. He left all his knowledge to only one man. Only one man knows his secrets and that’s all sounds to me like a money grab. I’ve seen the advertisement and it’s pretty far fetched. Has anyone used the Todd Graves instruction to hit like Moe? Anyone get online or in person golf lessons? Good? Bad? I’d love to hear your opinions on both the Moe Norman Story, and the Guy Todd Graves, who teaches his golf technique. please share !
  9. I’ll get a better one. Thanks!
  10. You need to use lower body more. Looks like just arms swinging at it.
  11. Man everyone is single digit handicaps around here. I don’t see any power or proper sync in the swing?!? Am I missing something?
  12. Imagine just turning your belly button to the left as far as your can. Then stop. Fire it back towards the ball let the lower body fire and pull your arms into the slot. Maintain balance and spine angle. Try to keep left shoulder from dipping and hold right shoulder from lunging forward. Honestly tho, it’s probably easier to work on it with a qualified pro. Because what you think you’re doing isn’t exactly what you actually do. Good luck
  13. Don know how to erase a post
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