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  1. I'd look at either Charlottesville or Williamsburg VA as both are a lot closer to NoVA. Williamsburg has some great courses - Golden Horseshoe Gold and Green are both excellent and very different from one another, Kings Mill is a great course, and there are a bunch of others in the Williamsburg area. Cville has Old Trail out in Crozet which is one of my favorite golf courses, super nice layout, beautiful views, challenging but fair. Then you also have Birdwood which is UVA's home course, and a really nice mountain course as well. The best part of both Wburg and Cville is that you're just 2ish hours from NoVa.
  2. Looking for recommendations for a good private club to join near Brooklyn (Greenpoint specifically). There seem to be a bunch out in Long Island which I'm guessing is the closest. I'm looking for proximity (traffic sucks), a good practice facility, and a (hopefully) a reasonable price...
  3. Anyone have good recommendations for a club fitting in Northern VA?
  4. I subscribe to the bell curve philosophy after a long layoff... first 3 holes, and last 3 holes of the round = rough. Middle 12 holes = like a young Tiger Woods but better. I seriously have never played as well in my life as the first round after a long layoff once the rust has worn off.
  5. Have played both Green and Gold courses many times. I don't think you'll have too much of a problem with a little rain. The Green course probably drains a bit better, but the Gold course... is the Gold course :smile:
  6. Bayville is definitely the nicest private course in the VB region. FWIW, if you go up the road 45 mins there are a bunch of great courses in the Williamsburg area. Golden Horseshoe is my personal favorite, they have two amazing courses at a great price.
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