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  1. Titleist fittings like every other fitting from the manufacturer is hit of miss. I've had some very bad fittings including this year where I ended up explaining how to fit myself (or anyone) to the Titleist fitter that had been on the job for a year. I would tend to trust a fitting center a lot more than the manufacturers. Either way you need to get fitted multiple times before you buy anything, you want to take the average not a one day one hit wonder session. Or do like most people buy and pray or adapt to the equipment.
  2. They (my private club) and I would put a 9 iron in your bootyhole if you played music on our course. It’s an old school mentality and one I really like at my club. We take our hats off when dining inside and are polite to each other, it’s why I joined there. When I’m at a public course I suffer through it, I don’t like it but it’s my choice to play a public place. Music is not for the golf course, the game is hard enough without something messing my tempo and concentration up.
  3. City and State (US Only): Pittsburgh, Pa Handicap: +2.8 Current Irons: Callaway Rogue Pros 4-PW with kbs c-taper 130 x Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: supposed forgiveness and I like the look If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? I would agree to all that and think I’m a perfect tester for these irons. I’m always fitted to blades but hate them. I also have a pretty good following on Instagram
  4. There are 4 short par 4's on this high-end public course I play at when I'm not at my club. They range from 300-340yds from the back, I can drive all 4. When I can I always let the guys in front know that on these holes I will generally hit it close to them and yell real loud if I know I'm getting close. If I don't know them I'll just layup short or I'll make sure to miss away from them. This happens all the time on par 5s, people ask me why I layup when I clearly can go for the green, I don't care. I don't get paid millions to hit shots, I don't even care if it is a match, I'm not holding peo
  5. > @zwhitworth said: > Something about the sound chamber and limited visibility, but I struggle to hit a ball on the sweetspot indoors. It’s also the angles of the wall in your vision. When I was doing testing there was a clear difference with some players that have depth perception issues in doors with low light and walls vs outside. I’m one of them, I don’t hit well in simulators. Another issue is shoes, indoors some people will wear tennis shoes or their normal shoes and it throws off their balance quite a bit. Some running shoes have a tilt to them and you can see players lose the
  6. Almost everyone fits me in a yellow hzrdus 75 6.5, I’ve hit it a ton in all types of heads and even demo clubs in rounds. My chs is a little bit higher than yours but I personally feel it’s too much shaft for me. I’m 40 btw and don’t want to feel I have to really swing it to hit it, I can’t keep that up for a full round anymore. The shaft itself feels solid and great, it’s just heavy and for me to get the best out of it I have to swing full which I rarely do now. It will drop your spin quite a bit and feels awesome, it’s just not good when I want to tone it down.
  7. It will also depend on the type of swing but a good gap 12-15yds up until about the 5i. On your lower lofted clubs as a better player you will want more spin and higher angle of decent to hold greens. There isn’t a point to hitting a 4 iron 215 if it can’t hold a green. So those gaps between 5-4-3 maybe a few yds closer, especially if you aren’t great at making contact. That’s why hybrids are a really good fit in long irons to help you get the right gap. But I’ve also seen a lot of high handicappers that flip too much and have 5-10yd gaps in short irons and hit their long irons a little mor
  8. I have never gone to club champion but a buddy that I recently played with just got fitted there. He was fitted in a Cobra F9 10.5 with a VA Slay shaft. I can tell you he only missed one fairway and just bombed the ball. I never even heard of that slay shaft but it was definitely the right fit for him. I know he paid $150 for the fitting and it didn't go towards buying the club from them but he felt he got his monies worth.
  9. I know the guy who personally designed them at TMAG, these were in the generation of irons after I left TMAG. They are based on the japanese CB design if I remember correctly. That insert is an electroform from LaFrance. I don't know which material they used but back then 455ss was pretty popular for any heads out of their Advanced or Dynamic factories. Great score man
  10. > @jackaa said: > Cool.. That's a BIG bomb. I know the hole. > I'm from Pittsburgh and caddied for Tom **** in 1972 at the Pgh Field club. > Jack That was my first time at pfc, I've been invited to Fox Chapel but never got to play the field club until now. I really want another chance at the course now that I know where to hit it and putt. Greens are a little deceiving and my caddie wasn't the best at reading them yet. I was in the fairway even with the bunker on the left short of the green.
  11. > @kekoa said: > What was your longest with the max?? I was carrying the max 270-280, but almost zero roll. Most of time you see the divot in front of my drive and that was delofted to 8deg. It is a great club but just too spinny and high launch for me. > @t4t3r said: > 350 is some carry even downhill and down wind with mid 160 ball speed. Just sayin... Yeah, I almost never swing that hard, my ball speed is mid 160s. If I had to guess I would say I was 120-125 chs+ on that swing probably closer to 180s ball speed. It's not controllable, just one of those rare setups tha
  12. > @Barfolomew said: > Was it downhill? cause if it was you cant drop 392 in your original post without mentioning that lol... or else your gonna get lit up for masking it..... its the way of forums young jedi Of course it was down hill, that's why I included a pic of the hole and I'm not young btw. Next longest drive on that hole was 320yds which is still a great poke. > @Krt22 said: > Musta got a generous bounce off a sprinkler head! I have some 340-350 pokes with help of elevation/wind with my M6, nothing in the 390 range yet! we had forecaddies and they told me it fle
  13. > @scott_Donald said: > what weight settings did you end up with? > > Great hit and course looks lovely. I went from both at max fade, to both being in the low position except the 2nd one being 2 clicks back of lowest. It made a huge difference for me as far as the way the face felt. > @t4t3r said: > The HZRDUS Smoke is going to be the same regardless of source unless you got a completely different Smoke (like Yellow for instance), or it was tipped differently, etc. Shouldn’t be enough variance to cause any significant differences like for like. I got the newer
  14. > @toddba11 said: > Was that with the stock Hazardous Smoke shaft? No it’s a custom one, not the titleist one. The stock felt empty to me so a week ago I got a real one and put a tmag adapter in it. It feels better less light and empty if that makes sense. I changed the swingweight to D2 as well with the new shaft and went to 45” vs the 45.75” > @avguy said: > Just curious, orientate me....on the pic - is that from tee box out? If so, and you hit 10yds of draw, are u a lefty? The tee box is to the bottom left on that pic, it’s a dead straight hole, the angle of the
  15. What ball where you testing with? It will make a big difference. I’ve seen guys hit great numbers with range balls only to find out when they play their gamer they can’t keep the ball in the air, I’ve also seen the opposite . Indoor it should be easy for them to test you with your gamer. In the old days it could be the head tolerances but with newer drivers they are very consistent. Sometimes the parameters of the swing analyzers are not imputes right or they have some boosting going on. A lot of variables but frankly what happened to you is not uncommon. It sucks that store didn’t make it rig
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