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  1. Just ordered a pair of the Saddle Gallivanters in size 11.5 and I walk the course every now and then. I am normally an 11 but in nike I wear 11.5. When I heard G/FORE shoes run small I went ahead and got the 11.5. Hopefully I didn't make a mistake by not getting size 12.
  2. I totally agree. If someone wants to buy the golf shoes they ought to be able to do so.
  3. I had a pair of 11.5 Golf 270s in my cart and purchased within 2 minutes of the drop but I got a message saying something was wrong with my card and then my shipping address... even though they were both correct and then BOOM, completely sold out. Why would is it so hard to purchase Nike Golf shoes these days.. I never had any issues when I bought Jordan ST's a couple years ago.
  4. I have always worn spiked but now that Ive started walking my spiked shoes are killing my feet. If you know a spiked shoe thats great for walking I would be open to it but all three pairs of mine start to wear on my feet after 9 holes.
  5. Just saw the spikeless Nike Golf 270's are about to come out. Theres no way they will have any of the grip or support that i am looking for but they look awesome. Im an idiot so I hope I dont cave for them.
  6. I have recently started walking the course more often and I have always been a spiked shoe golfer but my feet cant handle walking 18 in them. I was looking for a more comfortable walking shoe and I recently bought a pair of Roshe G's which are super comfortable but the turf grip is awful. My feet slip all over the place. Does anyone have a suggestion for a spikeless shoe that doesn't sacrifice so much grip? I also live in Houston so something with breathable mesh would be ideal.
  7. Update: recently bought a T-MB 2 iron with a HZRDUS Black shaft. Won an ebay auction for $100 bucks which I figured was a pretty good deal. We'll see how it goes.
  8. I have always been curious about these. Does the mid play more as a driving iron or rescue? The GAPR low looks more iron like. I currently have an old cleveland 2 hybrid but the ball flight is just way to high for the Texas wind.
  9. Did you do a graphite shaft on your T-MB 2 iron or did you match it to your set?
  10. I have never played a driving iron or utility iron before. I recently joined a club that is relatively short and narrow with a ton of water and I feel like I could use a placement tee shot club. I have noticed many of the other members carry a 2 driving iron. Any suggestions or opinions on this? I would meed something moderately forgiving as I have never been a great long iron player.
  11. Its one of the best public courses in the Houston Area IMO. Its up in Magnolia but definitely worth the trip!
  12. Yes, I am 26 and they have two different Young Executive plans. 27 and under was the rate received but they have slightly higher for 28 to 35!
  13. I was hoping to keep it under $300. I have found a couple places that are in that price range. Riverbend Country Club is $250 I believe and Galveston Country Club was $215 but thats a little far for me. I like Riverbend a lot but I just want to check out some other options before I join a club!
  14. I love the Wilderness and their players program looks great but its an hour at least to get out there. I live downtown and I would like to be able to play weekdays wherever I join. If I was closer I would definitely be out there more often!
  15. Looking for suggestions... After two years of navigating all the public courses within 75 miles of Houston and spending absurd amounts of money playing 1-3 times per week I have decided it is time to join a club. I am looking for something with low initiation fees and dues in the $200-300 range. Obviously nothing fancy but just a relatively challenging course that is well maintained.
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