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  1. i went with the 2020 ping hoofer. couldnt be happier. the bag is light and well put together in regards to pockets. ive put it through 20 rounds so far with no issues. the straps are cushioned and i forget im even carrying a bag at times. well worth the money.
  2. i got my 2020 ping hoofer and have had about 20 rounds with it. single greatest purchase ive made. the bag is light, has every pocket i need. the straps for the shoulder are well cushioned and easy to wear. the legs are also perfectly made. the bag itself is great, the pockets are all well thought out. a water bottle pocket thats easily accessible. a ball pocket. a tee/ranger finder/accessories pocket thats magnitized for easy access. well worth the money.
  3. been golfing in a league with other guys in my work. usually around a 15 handicap. averaging around 85-90. my biggest fault is putting and leaving some chips shorts. ill average 36-40 putts a game. a lot of triple and double putts that just keep ruining my game.
  4. im around 14-18 handicap. and my distance changes from 220-250. the options for these were a bit odd sadly.
  5. ive been gaming my G410plus for the past 6 months and it has been great. another good option that people seem to be raving over is the PXG 0810 prototype.
  6. so you're selling used clubs near the same price that pxg is selling new ones. no issues here...
  7. 1500-2000$ will have him in a really good range of a gaming computer. can get a lot of performance for that amount. sticking with cyberpower is all dependent on if you are wanting to build an entire new computer yourself or not. most people will prefer to build their own because the parts they get will be specific to their needs. some companies will skimp on parts and get a reduced powersupply or harddrive to save money, when those parts could be important to safety of the computer. prebuilts are nice cause of their warranty can cover all the parts, but can still be a pain to turn in the ent
  8. the airforce will have me PCS'ing to Kadena soon. im trying to see what i should be expecting when it comes to golf in japan. i already plan on getting the membership onbase for their course. any other places i should be checking out?
  9. id definitly look into the PXG 0211s and or sub70 clubs would be a great interest for a lot of people. dont have to spend a lot and getting great clubs out of it.
  10. i got fitted into 0211s and it took me about 2 months to really get used to the clubs and be satisfied with them. learning how to hit them over my old set. getting comfortable with how they look when at address, etc.
  11. just had this experience last weekend. im an average 16handicap and play between 85-90 consistently. our group went to a new course and it was a great course. but damn i had a horrible time playing. shot a 106 there. the greens were fast and nothing was able to stick when trying to pitch/chip it on.
  12. i had my fitting about 6 months ago. i tried both 0311 and 0211. i went with the 0211's cause of the price. but i have had nothing but great enjoyment with 0211s. they have definitely helped drop my handicap and consistency has improved as i get more used to them every outing. you wont be disappointed in the 0211s if you are able to put the time and effort with them.
  13. who even asks for a gimme when a putt is even over a foot... foot gimmies are obvious. but 6 feet can still turn into 3 putts. the dude was definitely trying to get a better score then he deserved.
  14. gimmie should have stood at 6. the guy who wrote a 7 is just a dick IMO. everyone aggreed on the gimmie, even the person with the card. just because the guy wanted to practice the putt, doesnt count and is just for fun.
  15. i started to walk more this year. i got myself the 2020 ping hoofer 5 slot carry bag. i love that bag as its super light weight and carry all 14 clubs. i take about 8 balls, laser, tees, and usually take 2 big powerade bottles. im 34 and havnt had any issues carrying. usually finish a round of golf in 2.5 hours if there isnt much trouble with other golfers infront of me. its actually quite enjoyable and rewarding at the end of a round to know i walked the miles and hours.
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