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  1. On course testing Thursday. I took each one to the practice putting and chipping green and am pleased with the sound and performance of all.
  2. That is a great explanation thank you. Doesn’t seem as extreme as I figured. I’m assuming that’s why you do a ball hitting from the green backwards.
  3. Thanks, I was under the assumption that the added back spin on mishits turns to added sidespin
  4. I plan taking a sleeve of each to the practice area tomorrow and on course ball test Thursday, my question is more in regards to Driver Spin, with a higher spinning ball such as the Chrome soft create more side spin on driver miss hits.
  5. Sorry to beat a dead horse here, I recently did the Ballnamic fitting and used Z-Star as my current ball. Was fitting to PRO V1 and Chrome Soft X. I also have been following the mygolf spy golf test that shows the X to have over 3k spin with driver on high swing speed vs PRO V1 an Z-Star. My question is as follows, does that 300 RPM more on drivers spin make the miss hits with driver more polarizing? or is it negligible. I struggle with big misses with the big stick that I am working on, I was very impressed with the green side spin and iron spin of the Chrome soft X but concerned with miss hits. I plan a ball test this week outdoors as my Mevo has had difficulties picking up my ball indoors.
  6. Hello all, I recently found 6 unused 56• Scratch Golf Wedges in a variety of finishes. These have been in my garage for a few years so I cleaned them up the best I could. If you are not familiar with Scratch Golf, they existed a few years back and made some really beautiful forging from Japan. I am just looking to sell to fund my golf addiction. Not really sure the street value but I am open to the following. Individual: $80 per wedge All Six: $450 Colors available: Copper Chrome Black Raw Satin Nickel please see all pictures
  7. Had my Putter Fitting. It was a very cool experience. I highly recommend you take advantage of the free putter fittings for September. Went with a Sik Flo can't wait to get it out on the course!!
  8. I go to club champion for a fitting. The Sik putters are on my radar. I will let you all know how it goes.
  9. 1. What is the club existing set up? ( loft, shaft, flex, swing weight, length, etc ) As detail as possible please. **8.5 75 Grams Standard Length ** 2. What type of swinger are you ( smooth or quick tempo swinger )? Loading factor on your swing? Heavy or light loader? In Between Smooth and Quick Tempo 3. On a scale 1-10 how consistent is your swing? where is your striking ability? 6-8 4. What is the the problem w/ the existing set up? Dispersion on Miss hits 5. Have you ever had a launch monitor session before? What brand of LM (flightscope LM is one of my best recommendation)? ( swing speed, launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, Swing path,Attack angle, side spins, etc?) These numbers has to come from the existing club or the club that you are trying to fix or buy. IMPORTANT & A MUST! DO NOT POST IF YOU DON'T HAVE A COMPLETE LM DATA. Taylor Made Vault 6. What are you trying to change or achieve on your new set up? More Consistent 7. 8. What is your shots tendency on mistakes when you are not playing so good? Do you have any problem missing a shots on the face of the club? where? Duck Hook or Massive Block 8. What is your shots tendency (ball flight) that you like when you are playing good? Med-High 9. If you have to pick, what ball flight is more comfortable for you to hit...High or low? Draw or Fade? High Draw 10. What type of course condition you are playing most? Where are you from? South Florida 11. Body build and postures? height? etc. 6/3 205 12. What is your glove size? What is the length of your wrist to longest fingers and length of your longest finger? (Left for RH golfer and vice versa for LH golfer) RH Large 13. If you have to be honest, who your swing look like on PGA tour? at least who do you like it to be? HMM 14. etc. The more the better it become.
  10. Hello All!! I am getting back in the game after being off for a while! Technology has certainly advanced!! I was a 7 handicap when I consistently played with Driver Club Head Speed in the 120 Range. I was fit by the TMAG Vault 10 years ago to a R7 Limited 8.5 with a Accra SE80* Shaft which had extremely low torque and a soft tip which was extremely uncommon. I have been starting to play again for the last 7 months and while I am certainly rusty, my distance and ball striking is still there. I can't say the same for my short game! I know driver technology has changed dramatically. Should I be looking for a comparable shaft? or will the new more advanced heads warrant a different type. PS I would like to avoid an up charge Taylor Made shaft. Thanks for the feedback!!
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