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  1. Straight from Fujikura web site: In general, tip trimming can be used to achieve a stiffer shaft profile, lower launch, and/or lower spin. Tip trimming 1 “is equivalent to one flex, so for example, if you wanted to stiffen your S flex to an X flex then you would tiptrim 1”. Or maybe you decide that you want to play in between S and X flex, so it is suggested to tip trim 1/2”.
  2. SkyTrak has been selling like crazy lately, and people pay around $3000 for a used one. Is SkyTrak accurate? The following is a comparison test between SkyTrak and TrackMan in tracking driver shots indoors. TrackMan has impact location turned on, with ample light, so it can be used as a benchmark. The format of the test is to set up both launch monitors to point to the same hitting spot, and take 10 driver shots in a row. It ended up that 11 shots were required, because SkyTrak missed one shot. The following are side by side results of the 10 shots. Quick takeaways from the test: SkyTrak
  3. SIM does play a little fade biased for me coming from a Callaway epic flash SZ driver which is draw biased. It does wonder for me by changing my big/ugly draw to a smaller draw. I had a Trackman session a few days ago and hit 20+ drivers. See below. The face to path is -1.1 but the spin axis is only -3.9. This is about half of leftward spin axis of the Callaway subzero driver. Next I just learn to aim a bit more left to draw back to middle of fairway.
  4. Thanks for commenting. There is by no means scientific research, and I did not measure the actual offsets and heel/toe misses on the impact tapes, but I took effort to make the testing as objective as I can on this important topic in the launch monitor community. I used 240 frames per seconds (FPS) with 1000 shutter speed in the camera to make sure the impact pictures are easily view-able without blurs. I tried to have a good sample of all types of shots - toe shits, heel shits, as well as center hits - in the 15 shots....well, I know there is no dead center shots despite the best effort
  5. TrackMan 4 added Impact Location feature in 2018. With impact location, the ball flight calculation can factor in “gear effect”, i.e., the impact of toe and heel hits on ball curvatures. This is especially important in indoors setting when the ball flight is from calculating a few measured data points, not from direct radar measurements. However, is the impact location detection and display in TrackMan 4 accurate? To answer this question, I performed a simple test: - I hit 15 driver shots in an indoor hitting bay. - For each shot, I use a new impact tape to get the actual impact
  6. Did Team New York beat Georgia today?! Wow. It’s a big upset against a strong team! Congrats. You guys helped Team California big time. > @jigsaw1011 said: > > @CTgolf said: > > Which team? > First time ever from Metropolitan PGA section - Team New York! >
  7. It’s not true to say zero impact. The kids who play in the final each will get 1 or more AJGA performance stars. I heard two kids got some equipment deals last year partially because they played well in national games. > @leezer99 said: > For an event that has zero impact on anything other than a kids (or parent's) ego it seems like there is a ton of effort being put into winning. > > One of the kids on last year's winning team lived 90 miles from their San Diego club.
  8. > @Putter11 said: > Team Georgia (Atlanta) 2019 is Stacked !!!!!! 10 deep with VERY solid All Stars that finished or won Worlds, Big time Regional events, Future Masters, Drive Chip and Putt if they did not win they finished in top tier of those tourneys etc etc etc.....probably the strongest team to ever come out of Atlanta !!!! And to top it all off they could have easily had a “B” Team from their League that could have been equally 10 deep stacked and go up against any team in the country !!! Incredible talent and very very tough competition all over Atlanta ! Funny thing is they wil
  9. I have seen a few people mentioning that the driving distance does not improve, or even becomes shorter, when kids grow during puberty. Regardless of the reasons, it must feel frustrating. I agree with another poster that the golf swings may need to change to accommodate the increased stature. People with experience and expertise on this topic pleas advise... > @BeerPerHole said: > > @BobTheGoose said: > > > @BeerPerHole said: > > > That's a very good distance at his age. If he's on or near the fairway he's good to go! > > Thanks. Good to be assured and en
  10. > @BeerPerHole said: > That's a very good distance at his age. If he's on or near the fairway he's good to go! Thanks. Good to be assured and encouraged :)
  11. He has played in the biggest golf tournaments of his age group ( IMG, USKG World, Future Masters) and his distance has always been about top 30% percentile. I feel that the indoors TrackMan carry numbers are bit lower than real world distances. Anyway, let’s do not digress and stay on the topic. > @TigerMom said: > There are some on this forum who would (mistakenly) claim your son’s distances at younger ages was below average
  12. Yes I believe he has started puberty. Good to see what puberty has done for his game. (He is my oldest and there is no reference point for me regarding puberty and driving distance correlation...) > @jj9000 said: > > @golfer55082 said: > > Wow that is awesome! What did he do? Has he grown a lot recently that contributes to the huge distance increase? > > Puberty.
  13. Hi from a new registered user (I just registered but have viewed posts in this forum for a while). I have a question about the driver distance progression for junior golfers, and want to see if other parents have similar experience. My son just turned 14. His driver distance has been increasing at the steady pace of around 20 yards per year since age 10. But in the last year - mainly in the last 6 months, it has increased by 40+ yards!! I typically take him to an indoor facility that has TrackMan to practice, so the distance over the years are apple to apple comparisons. The carry dist
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