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  1. Sorry, Just saw your info about H/C and grip. Really just looking for more info on the finish.
  2. Hey, interested in your putter! Can you provide any more information on it? How was the finish made? What grip? come with a H/C?
  3. Limited Edition, Encinitas, CA Gallery Release Scotty Cameron "Jack" donkey white snapback rope hat. Comes with the small SC branded tote bag pictured. Purchased in July and decided against keeping it. Looking for $60 OBO + Shipping.
  4. Not sure if this belongs here or not but.. I got fitted for driver/3w/5w in 2019 for the first time and ended up with a similar setup in each. TS2 w/ PX Evenflow T1100 White 6.0 75G (driver 65G). In a little over a year all at separate times, ALL THREE shafts have either fractured or completely snapped. The 3w I noticed some hairline fractures about 2/3 up towards the grip and took it to the shop and they sent it off and it got replaced. Yesterday, I pull the 5w on a tee box and during a casual practice swing, the shaft snaps at the top (felt like I hit a tree!) I try to shake it off for the rest of the day and get to 18, pull driver, and the thing is broken in my bag. To get the first question out of the way, I am not an angry club thrower so I don't think damage could've occurred other than during play/practice. I do often practice on matts and hit the woods off the deck when playing and I'd be the first to say my ball striking isn't always consistent and sometimes it's caught heavy but enough to fracture three shafts?? My question is: Is this a manufacturing/shaft issue with the specific model or is it possible that I need to go to a different weight/stiffness?
  5. Not sure if this had been talked about previously but... Has anyone played in non-golf Jordan's?/ Added spikes to the soles? Thinking of taking the 11 low Concord/Bred and making it a golf shoe
  6. This and some of the gear Wolff had was fire. The blue tie dye crewneck pull over
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