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  1. I have this exact set up. Hard to beat. A full tracking radar unit with a lot of data for that price. Wish it had club path data, but they can be upgraded for that. Good luck with selling. Someone will be happy.
  2. First of all it's great looking items. When I was back in the clubhouse collection stuff this year, they told me that vest was one of the hotter items selling. I didn't get enough while I was there and if it were an XL, I'd be PayPaling you.
  3. Hey. Would you mind telling us how you obtained this putter legitimately?
  4. I have this bag in navy. its just a dang good bag. I've really liked it. GLWS
  5. From my understanding, they are .370. Certainly not 100% fact, just what I was told by a reputable shop that builds Pxg.
  6. Golf shops or fitters that sold TaylorMade were offered these units and the Xi + models at a pretty decent deal as compared to what Flightscope retails them for. Flightscope is very good about telling you anything you want/need to know if you just call in and give them the serial number.
  7. When I went, CC really pushed the apex as “the head they have had the most success with”. Also, really recommended the epic flash with ventus for me. > @Shakester said: > Seems like Club Champion pushes the Callaway Apex. Three of my buddies all went to CC and all came out with the same result, Callaway Apex.
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