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  1. I'd love to give you a real good answer, but I just haven't had enough time with them yet to tell. Took to the range today. Here are my 7 iron numbers with kbs s+ Shafts. I'm usually an x100 player. P7MC with kbs tour s+ shaft. Range balls. 7 iron 180.9 carry 100.5 club speed 125.6 ball 17.7 launch 132.8 height -6 AOA 52.2 descent my guess is if I had X100's in then along with making then a degree stronger, my numbers would be almost exactly the same as with T100. So, my answer sums it up with this. Are you a Titleist player or a Taylormade player. To me, comes down to that.
  2. When I got fit, strangely enough, the MB spun a lot more that MC. X100 same loft and lie adjusted at the fitting. I've long admired the 750. Just got the MC. Switched from T100's. Nothing bad to say about T100.
  3. I have this exact set up. Hard to beat. A full tracking radar unit with a lot of data for that price. Wish it had club path data, but they can be upgraded for that. Good luck with selling. Someone will be happy.
  4. First of all it's great looking items. When I was back in the clubhouse collection stuff this year, they told me that vest was one of the hotter items selling. I didn't get enough while I was there and if it were an XL, I'd be PayPaling you.
  5. Hey. Would you mind telling us how you obtained this putter legitimately?
  6. I have this bag in navy. its just a dang good bag. I've really liked it. GLWS
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