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  1. Cobra 5-GW sold. Apex Raw + X-Forged Combo Set and 4 Utility is all that's left
  2. Callaway set and Cobra set prices lowered. If the price is right but I would prefer to not have a 4-6 X-Forged still sitting in the garage.
  3. Free Shipping to contiguous US. Paypal Only. I would like to sell all of the one length stuff as one set but if nobody is interested I'll put it up for split buyers, going to give some time first to hope for a single buyer to save on shipping. First Up, Apex MB Raw 6-PW/4-6 X-Forged CB Combo Set - $500 +.5", 2 degrees upright, DG TI X100, Midsize MCC Grips (regripped this summer) The set does include two six irons, I don't want to have a single six iron sitting around so I'm shipping them both. Irons are Raw from Callaway not aftermarket. Second, Odyssey 10 Triple Track - $125 - Sold 35", Flatso 2.0 Grip (new, put it on and spent shop credit on a 2-ball 10 the same week) Third, All play at 37.5" and 2 Degrees Upright, Cobra Forged Tec One Length Irons 4 Utility, 5-GW Cobra Forged Tec, JumboMax Grips on Everything (Lamkin - Midsize Crossline ACE Connect + Arccos comes with it as well if you buy it all as one) - $750 for the 4 Utility through - Gap Wedge - 4 Utility, Tensei Pro White 100X ($105 on it's own) - 5-GW, Tec One KBS $ Taper Lite Stiff ($700 as a set 5-GW) - Sold -56 & 60 Snakebite wedge, $ Taper Stiff 120g ($150 together) - Sold
  4. I wear a 12 extra wide in footjoy, 13 wide in Nike, 12 extra in New Balance, 13 in True original and can’t find an Under Armour model or Adidas model that fits (ultraboosts non golf shoes fits fine though in standard which is odd). Footjoy has the most options for size but the standard saddle style shoe still has a pretty tight toe box for me. The spikeless SL version and all of the flex options (if you don’t need waterproof) fit really well in the wide options. True original fits incredibly well but the no heel height thing was uncomfortable and I didn’t do a good job adapting going from it to a standard shoe. New Balance always fits well and the golf shoe was no exception but I just don’t like any of their styles particularly well. Nike Lunarlon(I think that’s what they are, really weird S cleat pattern)/Vapor old models both offered in wides have a wide toe box so I gravitated to those. Really liked the fit of those so I gave the infinity tours a try (this years model) in the wide and I think they’re the most comfortable golf shoe I’ve ever worn. They’re a very comfortable snug fit but expand really well with whatever new material they’re using, you don’t feel stuck in them at all, not expanding so your feet won’t hurt kind of traditional leather shoe expanding but just expanding to kind of fit with your foot. I’ve bought three colorways now, I think they’re the best personally. Hopefully something in that may help.
  5. The responses here are really confusing to me as well. What you said is the exact reason why they're doing it. The overwhelming majority of the broadcast audience isn't tuning in to watch Lanto Griffin, Tyler Duncan, JT Poston or really the majority of the people in the field each week even though I believe all of these players won last year. As such the people like that won and they won on merit, but that purse that they won is what it is because of the big names that drive the audience. They are not giving people strokes based on popularity or mulligans based on interactions on social media. The winner each week is still going to earn a win and there is still plenty of money for the consistent players that keep their card year in and year out but rarely or ever win. This is a bonus for the players that make golf a profitable business that don't get rewarded for that monetarily by the PGA (they are of course still awarded through more endorsements).
  6. I see people say this often and it is a bit confusing. That quarter inch is less than the variable length change from 6 to 7 iron (or any other club). How is your back going to be saved? You were already swinging a 37.5 inch club, it just had an 7 on it instead of an 8.
  7. I think this really depends on where you play. For what I would venture is a majority of courses, short is going to be a better miss quite often. Most municipals and public courses that aren't trying to host mid-am's/qualifiers/be on golf digest top 100 list or whatever have no trouble in the front because they're trying to accommodate for golfers that can't get the ball up and need to run everything up to the green (or accidentally run everything up to the green). I was playing MP-57's (which I fully recognize aren't a blade) for 10 years and switched to P-790. P-790 did exactly what it advertised itself as, it kept ball speed up on mishits. That completely changed how I played golf though. Usually my little thin fanny miss ended up short right on a low cut apron letting me hit whatever kind of chip shot I wanted. I was consistently pin high with the change to P-790, the problem for me was that meant trying to hit out of patchy rough, not super well maintained green side bunkers and uneven lies as most greens are elevated for drainage which left my pin high miss usually in much more trouble than being short. The reality to me is, as long as you're not so inconsistent over the face that the blade length causes more shanks (which for some people is a reality, 4ish MM's on either side of center is a lot more room to miss with something like P790 compared to P730) you can certainly enjoy golf with any type of club.
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