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  1. Two flat sticks up this evening. Prices are shipped and PayPal. Seemore SI2 offset shaft. Plays 33 3/4 in. Has been gamed so it has a few dings, but looks solid. Love the RST alignment. New Seemore grip with 2 rounds on it. No head cover, but will be shipped protected. $125 shipped. Scotty Cameron phantom X 5.5. 35 in Played one round with it with the ghost tape on it. Could pass for new. Feel is incredible. Justin Thomas is definitely on to something. Comes with stock Scotty grip and head cover. $SOLD
  2. Can't complain about the transparency above. As I've stated, most of the other forums I buy and sell on frown stuff like this. This one operates a little different. Since this was the first time I've had this happen, I was kinda caught off guard, which won't happen again.
  3. Might have done that but the last message I had was the counter offer that I agreed to. For all intents and purposes, I thought the deal was done. It truly is the first time a seller has come out and said he took the higher offer after the fact. I've had others come up with a story, but I was struck by the honest sentiment that the seller felt nothing was wrong with his tactics. Thus why I posted today because I've never been party to anything quite like this. What I have learned is this style of sale has existed here before and might be the way forward. Still don't agree
  4. Yeah, agree to disagree. Frankly, this has been eye opening. Like, really eye opening.
  5. No problem with taking the full money if you haven't agreed to a price with someone already. There's the rub so many of you want to ignore. Still a word is bond guy. Always will be. Raising my children the same way. I've lost sales just like others, but done plenty fine in the long run.
  6. Don't see it that way. He made me a counter offer which I accepted. At a minimum, he should have given me the opportunity to match.
  7. I guess I'm too old school to understand. If I offer something for sale to a buyer and agree on terms, it's theirs until they don't pay or back out. How could you make a deal with someone and then say sorry, another offer came in. If the seller didn't create the terms of the agreement, I would have no grounds as stated. But he did offer the clubs at a price we both agreed on, so I felt I had claim to them. It wasn't an offer that came with a caviat for a better offer. It was a firm this price buys the clubs tonight offer. Other than that, I've nothing more to add.
  8. Honestly, just want to know the rules of the BST. It's kinda spiraled a bit.
  9. No PayPal in post. Said to PM for offers and PayPal info.
  10. This was the point of this post. Is there a fundamental disconnect in what constitutes a deal. In other forums I frequent, this would result in banning. Welch on a deal, feel the ban hammer. Here it seems to be the way we are going. Not a sour grapes thing as they weren't even for me, but my friends kid. Not even my brand, lol.
  11. Didn't think I was in danger of losing the deal as I agreed to the sellers terms. Figured I was dealing with someone with some integrity as I have thought of everyone I have dealt with here.
  12. Yeah, not really. Was ready to pay what seller requested and was agreed to, but was sold to another.
  13. Agreed on much here. I'm a pretty no nonsense guy. If I make an offer, I'm gonna follow through. If I tell you I'm out, then I'm out. I buy and sell a bunch and always felt that the people in the WRX BST were stand-up people. This actually has nothing to do with the clubs I couldn't purchase. I'm more reevaluating my own convictions that I thought were in the majority but maybe I was wrong.
  14. I see your point. This is the reason for "right to rescind " legislation in many states. It's the thrust behind the customer is always right mentality. Because this forum is largely regulated by morality rather than law, I would have to stand on my previous comments.
  15. That's a good way to look at it. I'm very level headed when it comes to business decisions, which this is at some level. If I had stood on my original offer, I would have no problem with someone offering more and buying the item. I was bugged by the fact that I accepted the sellers terms and he sold to someone else without offering me a chance to buy. I was further put off by his argument that his disclaimer in his add supercedes his agreement to sell.
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