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  1. Ive always used natural color wood tees but recently started using the Martini tees. Its kind of a catch 22 thing, IMO. Wooded tees are biodegrabable and much cheaper but they break after 1 swing, whereas the plastic tees are more expensive and arent biodegradable but last much longer.
  2. 3-3.5 hours seems reasonable to me. I mean, I can do 18 holes in just under 3 hours when Im walking as a single, so 4 people with the speed of carts shouldnt need any more than 3.5.
  3. I play a Truss and its a good putter. Except mine has, "Titleist Dead Center" stamped on it.
  4. I always feel like I play better after a beer or 3 because it loosens me up and relaxes me. I could see that having a drink could effect your focus a bit. Sure, its only 1 beer but sometimes that all it can take.
  5. Perhaps its just that these guys have money and can actually afford a good hair dresser?
  6. Id recommend Darby, Westchester and New Albany Links. Wilson Road and Gahanna Muni are nice too if you like executive courses.
  7. I watched some of Bryson play yesterday and I very much enjoyed watching him struggle. To me, he just looks fat (even though I know he's not) and all of that muscle doesnt mean a thing if you cant hit the fairway.
  8. The MX-11s came out in 2001. Id been playing a set of Tommy Armour Atomics for the past year and for about a month this season I played with some Cobra AMP Cells. I struggled with control with the Atomics and the Cobras played almost the same because the lofts were nearly identical (the Cobras' lofts were about 2* stronger). IMO, the difference from new irons to vintage irons is nowhere near as significant as people think.
  9. LOL...I like the 11s and they were actually really ahead of their time for the technology that they have. Theyre a hollow-bodied iron that still has a pretty compact head and thin soles, so they look, feel and play like a player's iron. Id love to get a new set of irons but I dont see what a new set would do that the one I already have doesnt. I dont believe that irons have gotten better over the last 20 years, the lofts have just gotten stronger. IMO with irons, its not about distance, its about hitting the ball a certain distance and hitting it the same distance every time.
  10. I go game improvement. It still gives me enough forgivness but still has some feel. Im currently playing a vintage set of Mizuno MX-11s.
  11. I personally go driver, 5w, 4H, 6, 8, pw, 52, 56 and putter. I find that it covers all my bases and I can always take a bit off of a shot if I need to by gripping down.
  12. I have the same problem with them sometimes too. It seems like the distance control for me can be inconsistent at times. I have quite a few times where I expect to hit them a certain distance, only to smoke the ball 10-20 yards longer than I expect. It can be frustrating, for sure.
  13. I used to use the Epoch tees and they were great and lasted a long time but Im just not comfortable with the environmental issues with plastic tees.
  14. I used to be a blade guy but lately Ive become a mallet guy just because it inspired me with more confidence, knowing that the club is a bit more forgiving.
  15. I personally prefer wooden tees because they are biodegradable. Sure, plastic tees last a lot longer but how long does it take that plastic to break down, even after it gets ground up by the mower? I use wooden tees and I get the natural colored ones that arent painted. I cant stand the painted one partly because they leave a paint streak on my club sometimes and also because who knows what kind of lead-based, toxic paint they use.
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