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  1. Arm Lock is explicitly allowed by the USGA. This is their graphic which shows that it legal. understanding-anchored-strokes.pdf
  2. Looks like you're rocking some blades there. Props for posting videos of your swing and workouts. Let us know how your swing develops.
  3. Armlock putting is working for me as well. Are you using a line on the ball and a claw grip? I use a line and left hand low.
  4. Kim Jun-Il wins hands down. According to ESPN, he had a pretty good day... Kim shot 38 under, including 11 holes-in-one, at the 7,700-yard championship course at Pyongyang in the VERY FIRST golf round of his life, according to North Korean state media. This was in 1994, when Kim was 52 years old. Even more impressive, Kim stood just 5-foot-3, yet he was able to overpower a course as long as any ever played in major championship history. Who knows how good Kim could have been if he had taken up the sport earlier? Who knows how many times he bested 38 under in the 17 years since his
  5. I had mine bent to 76 degrees. Most fitters can adjust lie angle on a putter. Remember that 79 degrees is the maximum allowed by the ROG.
  6. I'm an 8.2. No matter how well I played tee to green, the short game would kill me. I'd struggle with the putter, but the speed and contours of the green would destroy my pitching and chipping. You can kind of fake it a tee to green with good course management, but there's nowhere to hide around the greens.
  7. Lift, clean and place is a tradition in the Pacific Northwest this time of year. We just started posting scores on March 1.
  8. I have no problems with PGA players in shorts, but I draw the line here.
  9. I can't speak for others but I wouldn't mind seeing that happen...
  10. Probably under 4 hours, but you should call the pro shop.
  11. Stick to Harbour Pointe. Walter Hall is a muni. Courses have been very busy because of the Coronavirus, so plan accordingly.
  12. The lack of loft will be a big issue. I switched to putting arm lock a couple of years ago and found having 5 -7 degrees loft is critical to getting a good roll. I also have a side saddle LFI with the Word not allowed kicker shaft. I test rolled a few using my LFI as an arm lock and the roll wasn't pretty. The effective loft is negative with the arm lock forward press. With that being said, the putter was easy to align and the stroke felt solid. If Bobby can get the loft issue solved, you'll have a sweet set up. Let us know what you end up doing.
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